Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Little Award Passed On

This little award came to me through Gina Hall and her blog. She paints in watercolors and she does resin horses and airbrushes them with color. Her love for animals shows in her work. I don't remember how many doggies she has sharing her space with her...

I am supposed to accept, and then state 7 things I love. Easy, right?

I love - rich, creamy chocolate cream pie.

I love - my husband (should I be worried that this came to mind second and not first? - no, it is because I was just over to Deb's baking blog and her chocolate pudding made me want some!!!)

I love - my sister

I love - my painting friends - online and those In Real Life :)

I love the first signs of spring coming after a hard winter.

I love autumn colors and smells and sunshine through orange and red trees.

One more...

I love painting!!!

That should do it. Now I have to pass it on but will have to check to make sure I don't repeat the same ones Gina had...

Thanks, Gina. Glad you thought of me. And this was an easy one. No secrets or anything - just positive thoughts..

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