Wednesday, February 11, 2009

In My Mailbox - from Suzanne!

I got a surprise present today from Suzanne McDermott - simply because I played her zany cat game (giving a caption to each zany cat sketch she did). Here is what I go - little jewels of her paintings as prints - and that's not all!

She also sent a cd of her own work - music and words!!! How cool is that??? The generosity of artists I have found on blogs has just been incredible! And because of this, I am giving Suzanne this little award today...

I definitely X O your art blog - for the art and for the friendship, too. And all you have to do is accept - no strings attached :) Unless you want to pass it on to someone.

I'm off to listen to your music now, Suzanne. And thank you so much - it is so appreciated today when I am having a "What did I do to deserve this?" kind of day!


Angela said...

How wonderful!
I've also been surprised at how many 'real' friends I've made online - that I've never actually talked to or seen in real life.

And I meant to write earlier, but didn't get a chance - I think if everyone had aspirations to be remembered as simply kind the world would be such a better place. Can't think of anything lofty or selfish about wanting to be seen that way.

And, since I'm feeling somewhat introspective (and have been pondering this all day) - I like the word "kind" so much better than "nice". I've always told my daughter that I expect her to be fair, kind and a good sport - but nice is overrated. I guess I associate "nice" with the "smile no matter what and if someone has to sacrifice be the first to volunteer" mindset that we so often train our girls to.
"Kind" seems so like something so much more thoughtful and genuine.

Suzanne McDermott said...

Thank you, Rhonda! I hope you enjoy the songs. I sent you the first of my 5 CDs. It won many awards when first released and seems old now but it's new to you! Those cards were test samples for note cards from my Age of Flowers series and another pack of from early paintings in the Landscape into Art project.

As for what you did to deserve such appreciation - remember.... what goes around, comes around. We all X O your art blog and appreciate your generosity, too! Thanks for the charming award. I'm sure that I can think of someone to pass it along to.

RHCarpenter said...

Suzanne, you saved the best for last on the cd - The Ties that Bind is a beautiful song and my favorite!
Angela, you're right - women are taught to be nice and sometimes we don't stand up for ourselves or we feel guilty when we do - or we get called that "B" word!