Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Birthday to You...

Hop on over to Angela's blog and take a look at her latest creations - and wish her a Happy Birthday today :) I think her day started out a bit rough but I hope it changes all for the better later today.

No painting for me today - took the granddaughters to the Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus today - their first one. Photos later, after I've had a nap :) ha ha


Angela said...

Thank you Rhonda - that is really sweet! My birthday is actually Monday (I think - it's the 2nd, is that Monday?) but I'll take as many good wishes as I can get!

It wasn't the best day for painting (though I did get to play around a little bit during Tommy's nap) but overall it hasn't turned out to be so bad. I have a great book that I'm in the middle of reading, Tommy took not one, but TWO naps and we're just about to drive over to my sister's for our weekly Green Cheese get together.

Life is good. :)

RHCarpenter said...

Well, Happy Birthday early, Angela :) I have no idea what a Green Cheese get together is all about and maybe I shouldn't ask?? ha ha

Angela said...

LOL - I suppose 'Green Cheese' is probably not common knowledge, huh? We (my family) are kinda known for our Green Cheese nights, so I forget that not everyone knows what I'm talking about!

Anyway, Green Cheese is a radio trivia program on our local public radio station. People send in questions all week, they ask them on it and then people from all over call in answers (or guesses). It's more fun than it sounds - no prizes or anything, but you get to 'know' and recognize people from it and there's an annual picnic held at the station with a live broadcast so we all meet each other in real life.

My family uses the show as an excuse to get people to come all the way out to our little spot in the woods on Saturday nights to listen, BBQ and potluck it. In the summers we have a big bonfire - fun, yet kid-friendly.

My mom always says it sounds lame in the description - but I just love the hokey-ness of it! People have been coming for years and bringing their friends, so it must not be so 'lame'.

(It's on Saturday nights at 7:00 on if you ever want to have a listen - it's live streamed online - they refer to our group as 'Guthrie Nation')