Wednesday, February 4, 2009

First the misket pour, then the yellow pour, then the blue pour. The red pour will be next.

This is still the 1/4 sheet crescent board with hotpress paper on it.

And this is the color study (just a 9 x 11 piece of Arches rough from a block I was given by my friend, Jane W.).

This is for my Yahoo color group - the idea is to paint using your choice of complementary colors (red + green, blue + orange, or yellow + violet) in the focal area and gray out the edges also using complements to gray things (I washed Quin Red over the background to push back the vibrancy of the greens there).

What do you think? Good choice of violet and yellow?


Sandy Maudlin said...

LOVE the distant upper background area with that red glaze to knock it back. So effective.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Fancy attending a group just for YUPO - you lucky girl. Yes, opposite colour scheme good but it seems to be missing any real darks when you look at the tonal aspect. Is that to come. ??

shicat said...

Hi Rhonda, I have too tired from work to even go online lately. I do like the yellow and violet. It balances the violet. I think it's successful. What is the yahoo color challenge? Are you planning on painting over the misket pour? This looks interesting to me?

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

I think it is an excellent choice! I like the way this complementary approach defines the center of interest immediately. As for the purple gators, I have painted one that way myself as it was mostly in the shadows and, indeed, looked purple. If this is just the study, the painting will be a great one.

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks, Sandy :)
Joan, you are right. It needed a few more darks - see next posting of the steps (although I may have too many darks and midtones now - always hard to stop!!!) There isn't a yupo group - it's a Yahoo group (on all about color theory, color discussions, etc.
Cathy, sorry you are worn out from working :( The color group is working on painting using complements - that's all this is. Stay tuned for the rest of the poured painting - it has many stages to go!
Thanks, Susan, I'm glad you like it and hope the poured painting turns out never knows!