Monday, July 23, 2007

Monday, July 23, 2007 - No Painting Today

Had to shop for clothes today - which always puts me in a foul mood. And too many errands and running around and then finding I'd gotten home with the wrong thing and have to go back out - but not today - to return things.

Got a new suitcase - it's raspberry and should stand out in the crowd of dark blue, black, and brown suitcases always going around the luggage carousels in the airports. I'm thinking about painting something on it, too, or maybe covering it with stickers :) Coming back from Nassau through Atlanta, Delta put Jerry's bag on the early flight so it got there before we even boarded our flight; my bag got there with my flight; and Jerry's student didn't get her bag at all - it was delivered to her the next day. How they figure these things out, I have no idea!
So, since no updates on painting, here's another couple of pics from San Salvador:
1) the view from the top of Dixon Lighthouse and
2) wind-carved rock on the top of North Point

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