Friday, December 29, 2006

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Reworked the masa paper painting I started many days ago. Finishing up things for the end of the year :) Added some more darks and cropped off more of the right side and added more white to the snow with some shadowing.

I also finished the Winslow Homer copy I was working on for the group project - don't like the foliage at all and got Phthalo Blue on the left edge of the painting so had to crop more than I intended (I'm doing color swatches and Phthalo Blue seems to get everywhere when I use it - good thing I don't work in acrylics).

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Michelle Himes said...

I've had that same problem with thalo blue, and thalo green too. But I still love the colors. I see you are finishing up all your "unfinished symphonies" as one of my painting pals used to call them. Your pastiche came out really good - even the foliage, and I like your masa landscape too.