Sunday, May 21, 2017


We just returned from a week in Savannah, Georgia, one of the most beautiful cities in the U.S.  

Everywhere you turned, there were lovely, aging historic buildings (most built in 1800's or earlier).  White blooms covered the magnolias and every corner was perfumed with their soft scent.  On the streets, thirty-foot live oaks, dressed in spanish moss, curved protectively over the cobble-stoned streets and sidewalks.  There is something beautiful at every turn, even if it's just another style of home with metalwork on the windows, lovely doors and doorknockers, and black metalwork balconies.  It was a wonderful week spent in this gorgeous, warm, inviting city, and I'll have several photos to share.  Here is just a taste :)  

Even though it was warm (at least 80F every day), the trees made for lovely shaded walks.

The most photographed place in Savannah = Forsyth Park and it's huge white fountain in the center.  The water was spraying, creating coolness on a hot, sunny day.

Is there anything more beautiful than the bold beauty of a magnolia blossom in full bloom?

Savannah homes are decorated with metalwork and pretty doors, arched entryways and stairs.  Shutters on every window whether the homes are brick, wood painted in muted colors, or stone.  

Savannah folk let the ivy grow up the houses, along the sidewalks, on the tree trunks - wherever.  And it adds another architectural aspect to the whole.

4 comments: said...

Savannah looks beauty and I hope to visit one day. But not in the summer. I don't think I could survive in the heat!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

that gate with the flowers and vines is gorgeous, alot of work went into that!

debwardart said...

It is a beautiful city - you could trip, accidentally click your camera as you fall, and still get a great photo!! (Don't try it, tho!)

RH Carpenter said...

It is a gorgeous place, Carol, but I would go in winter, spring or fall - not the heat and humidity of summer!

Jennifer Rose, those types of gates were hidden treasures all over - molded into various shapes - but this was the prettiest one I saw.

You're right, Deb, but I'm glad I only tripped a bit one time on a broken brick in the sidewalk :) See you soon!