Tuesday, May 23, 2017


After the Savannah Bee Co. tour, we drove out to Tybee Island and took Dr. Joe Richardson's Eco-Tour on the beach.  It is always fun when there are kids involved - they get so excited to find things and bring them to the "aquarium" Joe sets up on the beach to educate us about the critters discovered.
Mostly, we got hermit crabs in all shapes and sizes of shells, but there were some interesting finds, too...

Including this "soft coral" related to sea anemones.  It's called a sea pansy because it's shaped a bit like a pansy flower and is violet/purple on the other side.

And this scary looking guy (or girl) called a Hairy Wharf crab.  I wouldn't have picked this up but a young girl did and was so excited about it even though it pinched her.  

After searching among the rocks and on the beach, Joe takes out a net to see what can be brought up from the water.

Mostly silversides, but a tiny pompano and an anchovie were about all the discoveries made there.  But while we were waiting to see what was being brought up, there was a pod of about a dozen dolphins that came up close to our area - maybe they wanted to see what we were catching, too?

And this was just Monday!

On Tuesday, we just strolled around Forsyth Park, visited Blick Art Supplies (of course!) for a few little things just because one cannot go to an art supply store without buying something - and the the SCAD student/alumni gallery in town.  Had an easy day because Wednesday and Thursday were going to be busy again.  SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design has purchased a lot of the old buildings, keeping them from being torn down.  Then they repurpose them for classrooms, galleries, even shops where students and alums sell their work.  What great places to attend college and learn everything from traditional painting and photography to videography/film and dance.)

How would you like to take classes in an old repurposed train station?  Pretty cool!

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