Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Not painting in my little art room these past few days, but trying to paint the deck.  It was power-washed before we went to Savannah for a week, but rain and rain and more rain kept us from buying the stain/paint and starting it.  So we thought we'd get it done when we returned from Savannah, but guess what?  More rain.  We're supposed to have a 48-hour period of dry weather to paint it and let it cure and so far, we've had rain at night/over night.  So only about 1/4 done. 

It also took a few trips to the hardware store to pick just the "right" color, which is called New Redwood but looks like milk chocolate in the can.  Turns out it's a warm brown with just a hint of red in it and we've got 3 gallons.  It looks good on the deck but it's a slow process, painting the uprights, using the ladder to paint the outside bits, and then painting the floor.  

Rain rain go away!!!  We want to get this done before storms coming through this weekend and then Sweetie's sister is coming for a week (which means I have inside cleaning and sorting to do to make her feel comfortable here).

I hope it doesn't rain out Summerfair this weekend!


E.M. Corsa said...

Don't feel badly, my deck looks a whole lot worse than yours!

debwardart said...

Certainly don't envy you this project, but at least you are in the shade and it's not so humid today.

RH Carpenter said...

Well, Elizabeth, I don't mind the really "weathered look" but I imagine it's more likely to come down around us if we don't paint it once every 5 years or so! ha ha

Deb, not that hard, just time consuming - that is, now that my body has gotten used to moving and stretching and bending this way to get into all the nooks and crannies. (I sent you an email today after I called and just got a recorded message from some computer lady saying you hadn't set up a voicemail yet - but it was your home phone so I figured you had the phone off.) Sending you (((HUGS))).

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

hopefully the rain stays away so you can get the painting finished. would be horrible if the wood started rotting :/

RH Carpenter said...

So far, so good, Jennifer Rose - rain has been all around us but nothing but a light shower one day during the painting. Still not done, though.