Tuesday, February 21, 2017


I just received an email from the founder of Feedspot stating I am in the Top 60 Watercolor Blogs listed on their latest RSS feed blog.

How did they choose the top 60 from all the watercolor blogs in the world?

According to them,

The Best Watercolor blogs from thousands of top Watercolor blogs in our index using search and social metrics. Data will be refreshed once a week.
These blogs are ranked based on following criteria
  • Google reputation and Google search ranking
  • Influence and popularity on Facebook, twitter and other social media sites
  • Quality and consistency of posts.
  • Feedspot’s editorial team and expert review

What do you think?  Are you one of the Top 60, too?  Oh, and Carol King, they have a photo of the singer and songwriter, Carol King, on your blog so someone didn't do their due diligence there - maybe you have never posted a photo of yourself on your blog and they thought - well, any old Carol King will do?  I do see some well-known and respected watercolor bloggers on the list like Urban Sketchers, Citizen Sketcher, Jean Haines, Carol Carter, Brenda Swinson, Birgit O'Connor, Jacqueline Gnott, Terry Banderas.  

Personally, I think it's fine to do this as a way to draw attention to many watercolor blogs, but maybe take it with a grain of magical Himalayan salt and get on with your life :)  That's what I'm going to do now :)

Thank you, Feedspot, for taking the time to compile the list and put my blog on it. 


Deborah Nolan said...

Dear Rhonda congratulations on making the list. Your thoughts regarding this honor made me smile. Hope you are having a great start to your week. Hugs!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

does hopefully give people more exposure which is a good thing :)

Sadami said...

Congrats, lovely Rhonda! Why not? You deserve it!!! ((Hugs)) Sadami

Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Rhonda,
Congratulations! I'm surprised you're not further up on the list! Well-deserved and earned. Hope Jerry took you out to dinner to celebrate.
Keep up the great work.

laura said...

Well deserved, Rhonda! Your blog is consistent and your artwork always evolving--which make it tops in my book!
Thanks for the link ... It's nice to find new blogs to follow!

RH Carpenter said...

You all are too kind!
Debbie, it was meant to be a bit facetious or just silly - trying to become less attached to it all (fame, praise, blame, shame, etc.) A lifetime effort to cling less to what others think or say about me and my work.

Jennifer Rose, that's what I thought - there were some there I had never checked out so it opened my eyes a bit, too.

Sadami, thanks! Gary, ha ha, I am number 17? I think on a list of 60!! That's pretty high up in my opinion - just high enough not to get too dizzy but so many others so much more accomplished and who work at it harder than I do - but who knows? I didn't make the list - maybe I should make a list?! ha ha

Laura, thanks so much. I love your work and was glad to see your blog there, too - did you see it?? :)

http://carolking.wordpress.com said...

Hi Rhonda, I was wondering it that site was legit. I laughed that they put Carole King's picture on my blog. Very strange. I guess I need a disclaimer. I am Carol King, not Carole King. Congratulations to everyone listed.

Cathy Gatland said...

I spotted you on that list, and Carol (didn't notice the pic of Carole King!), and Laura and some other favourites - all deserving a place there, but some missing, like Sadami... I think if you don't have the word watercolo(u)r in your blog title or description you aren't considered. Mine got on the top 50 sketch blogs (at no 52 ha ha) even though I hadn't posted for a very long time - made me pull my socks up a little bit! I agree a pinch of salt is needed, but fun anyway.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

You sell yourself short! Of course your blog is on the list! Congratulations I am very happy for you. Good news to hear.

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks so much, Carol, Cathy and Lisa :) It's an interesting honor and I'll take it with a good sense of humor, too :) If I made my top 60, you all would be on it! You could be right, Cathy, that they searched for Watercolor in the blog title :)