Sunday, February 5, 2017


I finally settled back in to being home and returned to my art room where two paintings, only just begun, were sitting.  

Not sure about either one, but here goes...

What bothered me about this one was the composition = too static even though it's all birds flying/landing.  So took Lisa's advice and placed 2 more in there by lifting off the paint...I don't think they will stay as they don't do much more for the painting.  So...began with just one color (Black Tourmaline Genuine by Daniel Smith).  It lifts easily so I put the original photos next to the crows to help me see where I need to lift lights and shape them more.  

Then I decided to crop it and will cover up the lifted out crow at the bottom right as much as I can.  Obviously, this isn't going to be anything to win any prizes, but I'll continue to use it as a learning experience...again, planning is important, especially in watercolor where you can't just cover over and change things easily after you have that paint down.

Hope you had a Happy Groundhog Day.  They were running the Bill Murray movie all day long that day so, of course, we watched it (but only once!).


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

I like the movie but on all day? :/ I get why they would do that, but still there must be other movies they could put on

the crows look nice, like they are flying off the page.

RH Carpenter said...

Well, it was just one cable channel out of 500 so you could always ignore that is was running all day, Jennifer Rose :) But it's our tradition to watch it every Groundhog Day! See the final version of the crows in the next post = much changed!