Friday, November 11, 2016


Another piece of TerraSkin paper (made of stone).  Watercolor with bits of watercolor pencil scraped onto the wet pigment for texture.

Slowly adding up texture and shape and darkening some values, adding veins. 

A bit more to do and let dry before the end...

We really don't have pretty leaves this year - maybe it was too warm for too long?


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

the leaves here have started to change, but usually its a case of one day the leaves are alive, the next they are dead on the ground :/

does stay pretty green here most of the year

you are creating some nice textures here :)

Ginny Stiles said...

Tell more about this paper…fascinating.

RH Carpenter said...

A week later and most of the leaves are gone, Jennifer Rose, and they weren't pretty to start this year = too dry. I do like the textures.
Ginny, you can find all you need to know by going to and checking their site - it's pretty neat stuff and there are videos out there with artists working on it. Not exactly like Yupo (has a bit more tooth so not as slipperty) but very similar in that the paint sits on the top and doesn't soak in leaving bright colors.