Thursday, November 3, 2016


Life Flower No. 1

Watercolor on TerraSkin stone paper
28 x 9.5 inches

I changed the colors just a bit on this one - the first and best.  Then made 2 others that are kind of ugly.  

Oh, well.  Just playing with colors and since these are on TerraSkin (stone) paper, they can be washed back to white or layered over with other things or whatever.

I used to stand and paint for an hour or more at a time.  Now I don't seem to have much energy.  No migraines, just low energy.  I keep telling myself I'm not that old yet but maybe I am kidding myself.

Here are the ugly ones...

Obviously, no planning - the tops are too close to the edge and the thorns are a bit too big.

This one is 28 x 8.5 inches

It's okay to just play with colors, though, and maybe rework them if I want them to be anything I keep - or wash it all off and start again.

And this one is 30 x 5.5 inches so very skinny.

Happy November
Where did the summer and fall go???


Sadami said...

Hi, Rhonda, just have fun in drawing. Btw, summer and autumn have come to Australia! We're enjoying summer RIGHT NOW!! Cheers, Sadami

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

its getting cold and dreich here :/ bring back spring lol

you are not old and just have fun with the colours and paper, make a huge mess with the colours. never know what might happen :)

Deborah Nolan said...

Dear Rhonda hope the low energy is due to the change of the season's. Your colors on these stems is lovely. I have yet to purchase any of this paper. Looks like it is great because redoing a work would be easier than with regular watercolor paper. Take care and hope you get your energy back soon. Hugs!

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Sadami - yes, summer there!!! Jennifer Rose, dreich must be a Scottish term? I am old and feel older but what can you do, eh? Just keep putting one foot in front of another... :).

Debbie, low energy due to still recuperating from the many migraines, I think - that drained me. I like the paper but wish I could cut it down a bit to smaller pieces to work on - they are full sized sheets and are wrapped in a roll in a box so hard to use large sheets in my space - wouldn't mind 11 x 15 size sheets :)