Friday, October 30, 2015


Inktober is almost over and here is my last set of doodles...

This was in color in a sketchbook, so I added the ink around the color to come up with this silly bird.

A display of art genres on the page - with an additional bit of this and that thrown in! ha ha  Sometimes I wonder about my mind and how it works.  (Need more cowbell???)

Scribbles the Dog?  
And fields of something.  
With a woman who has a tree growing out of her head.  

Please don't try to analyze me!  It might be scary!! ha ha


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

watch SNL lately?? ;) :p

RH Carpenter said...

No, I haven't watched SNL since they had their anniversary show - whenever that was. Maybe something there...oh, the cowbells! - yep, I did get that from there - love Christoper
Walken :) whenever he's on there.