Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Did you all see the total eclipse of the supermoon on Sunday night?  I did go outside (we had a good view while standing in the front yard even though there were some clouds) about every half hour from 9 pm onward and saw it become darker and then a deep wine red color by 11 pm.  After that, I went to bed! ha ha  

And speaking of the moon, my friend in Australia, Sadami, has illustrated her first book, Moon, and had her opening night last weekend.  She is so good with watercolor and watercolor "sketching" as she calls it, of portraits and people she sees everywhere.  This book was a work from the heart and she spent 2 years on it, bringing it to completion.  

Here is the book, Moon.

And she sent me a copy!!  There are so many wonderful watercolors inside this book, I will treasure it and am so honored that she mailed me an advance copy.  

Plus, inside the copy was a little surprise - one of her gorgeous seascapes.

I had it matted and framed and it hangs on the wall now.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a great photo of it (you can see my reflection a bit), but I thank you dear, sweet Sadami!!


Sadami said...

Oh, Rhonda, you ARE sooo sweet and thank you!!! Best wishes, Sadami

RH Carpenter said...

Glad you enjoyed the posting, Sadami and thank you again, so much! said...

Yay for Sadami. She is very talented. Happy that you got her book AND a seascape. Lucky you.

RH Carpenter said...

Yes, she is so talented, Carol :) I am honored to have both!!! I love receiving or buying art from friends and then seeing them on my walls - always uplifting for me.