Sunday, June 21, 2015


Just some painted papers - pretty blues...

on printmaking paper


on white tissue paper (that needs to be completely dry before you try to peel it off the paper it's drying on).

Forgot that I had some parchment paper (to let the tissue paper dry on) and used something that must be a drawer liner because it's sticky on the back - but what a pretty image it had when I pulled the tissue paper away from it = bottom right image).

These tissue papers are on white heavier paper to dry, tacked up on a board as they dry...

I love to be surrounded by blues and I am while these are all drying completely before working on a collage piece.

This is a plastic printmaking palette (you roll out your paint on it for printmaking) that also makes a neat collage bit.  You can make acrylic skins using this, too - just lay the acrylic paint on thick and let it dry, then peel it off.  I have a few pieces of acrylic skins but haven't done a thing with them.  Sometimes you just want to play and make pretty things! ha ha


Bruce Sherman said...

Good morning Rhonda!... What is life... and Art without "play"? Sometimes that is the only reason for adventuring with new ideas and materials.

Children have the idea down to a science. They build sand castles for only the joy of doing it. AS Mr Rogers gleefully... and wisely noted:

"Play is the first work of children." Play on Rhonda- Have Fun!

Good Painting... and Playing!
Warmest regards,

Caroline Simmill said...

I like blue too it is such a calming colour. It looks like you are having fun experimenting and it is interesting to see the effects you are creating with the painted papers. Looking forward to seeing more soon Rhonda!

RH Carpenter said...

Bruce, we need to find time to play as often as we can! Have a good week and a wonderful weekend.

Caroline, I do tend to feel a sense of release when working or surrounding myself with blues!! I think I've always been this way although I am told that, when young, I was dressed in yellow a lot. I don't think I have a single thing that is yellow now! ha ha