Saturday, May 23, 2015


Got a newsletter/email from the Smithsonian Institute.  Apparently, it's World Turtle Day!  

Turtles are amazing critters and so cute.  Seems everyone likes them.  I remember once, being a bit overwhelmed when getting in the murky water of Hawaii for a snorkel and finding myself amongst large sea turtles.  I put my fingers under my arms, afraid they'd try to take a bite of one or two! ha ha

My aunt always kept tiny turtles she bought from a pet store.  She only bought one at a time, calling each one George.  I remember visiting and seeing him (or her, who can tell?) having a daily swim in her sink.  

Sweetie always brings home turtles, saving them from being run over in the road.  He intends to photograph them and has had many turtle (and frog) models over the years.  Right now we have a little female I've named Tilly.  She likes worms but it seems a struggle for her as they wrap themselves around her face as she tries to bite them on the end (never the middle).  Counting the growth rings on her shell, it looks like Tilly is 6 year's old.  (She gets to stay in my paint tub - which I used for pouring paints = colorful drips and splatters!)

A friend of ours is part of the Turtle Rescue group on Anna Maria Island, Florida.  She gets to go out and tag the turtle nests and even gets to see the little ones digging out and heading to the sea (the volunteers help if they seem to need it and then they count the remaining unhatched eggs).  I would like to do that sometime.  Not much is cuter than baby turtles heading towards the sea.

Have a good weekend, everyone.  

(PS I have temporarily solved the caterwauling cat problem = I chased her off each time she came around the house yesterday afternoon and evening so she was less likely to set up camp under my bedroom window; then I took a sleeping pill last night so I wouldn't hear her yowling all night.  I really didn't want to take her to the pound.  It's not her fault that her owners have abandoned her.  I talk tough but don't really want to hurt an animal - wouldn't mind giving the owners a piece of my mind, though, wherever they are.)


Caroline Simmill said...

Love the stories about the turtles Rhonda, gosh I hope that cat stops that wailing soon it must be impossible to sleep at all. Maybe invite him in for some food might do the trick and then he can go to sleep in the kitchen or something.

E.M. Corsa said...

Turtles are a big part of life here on my beach. Not only do box turtles live in my yard at The Crooked Little House, but we have nesting Loggerheads, Green Turtles, etc. on our beaches. I am happy to say we have also built a new turtle rehab facility. Thanks for sharing RH!

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Caroline. Glad you enjoyed the turtles. I don't want a pet at this time so I wouldn't want to bring her in and have been thinking about feeding her but then she'd never leave...seems like last night was better.

EM, so far I've only seen the babies digging out of the nest and making their funny way to the water on tv programs - someday, I want to see it in person. I know there is a group in North Carolina used by the Newport Aquarium (where Sweetie volunteers) for their turtles so we may be able to go there some day. The best place I ever saw was on Grand Cayman Island - the Turtle Farm there - so many turtles in round containers, growing and being fed, to be released into the water = amazing!

CrimsonLeaves said...

Glad you found a way to deal with the kitty in heat! Loved reading about your turtle and seeing her in your paint pan! I'll bet the sight of those turtles making their way to the sea is just amazing!

RH Carpenter said...

Hi, Sherry! Hope you are having a good Memorial Day weekend.

Arti said...

Your turtle is so beautiful!Love her.