Saturday, August 23, 2014


In Val Webb's online course, Painting Birds in Watercolor and Beyond, she had a materials list that included a set of three watercolor boards (8 x 10 inches).  I used one for the gouache and ink technique and used this one for the toned paper painting.  You tone the paper first, then draw your bird on and lift and add color and gouache and whatever you want to get the coloring.  

This great horned owl, named Kentucky, is one of the raptors Sweetie takes care of when he volunteers at the raptor center here locally.  They have the great horned owl, a barred own, a screech owl and a hawk - all have been damaged in some way and cannot live in the wild but they can be cared for and are pretty happy in their huge cages outside.  Kentucky is even a regular guest at our annual Christmas gatherings of all the raptor volunteers and he's quite a gentleman, sitting on the back of a chair and watching the activities.

If you are interested in Val's courses, just go to her webpage and check out the upcoming online classes - this course will be offered again in January 2015 and I recommend it for anyone wanting to add to their bird knowledge and painting techniques!  (Val posted her raptor on the toned board on her webpage, too, for you to see.)


Sadami said...

Rhonda, superb, especially, his eyes are great!! Cheers, Sadami

PaintedSouvenirs said...

So amazing! I really love this owl, its eyes are stunning!

Lorraine Brown said...

What a delight it must be to get close to these normally wild birds, and then be able to paint one

CrimsonLeaves said...

Love those big ol' owl eyes!!

RH Carpenter said...

Thank you so much, Sadami - that means a lot from someone who draws and paints as well as you do!

Thanks, PSouvenirs :) I appreciate the comments.

It is fun to get close - but not too close, I am a bit afraid of those big, strong beaks! haha

Sherry, thanks!