Friday, April 11, 2014


Our third day of the workshop we had a new painting to begin.  This one was so interesting, so colorful, and something I haven't seen before.  Yes, I've seen bicycles painted by many artists over the years.  But look at this colorful, bold, almost "a rainbow of Skittles" type of bicycle!  Whew!  You can bet, if you rode this thing, you'd get lots of attention :)

Again, working wet-in-wet with lots of water, and beginning from the background and working forward, Carol created a lovely yellow glow around the center of the painting, changing the color towards the outsides of the paper - to keep our eye in the middle of the painting - with the beautiful Daniel Smith Shadow Violet (which is a mix of 3 colors - Pyrrol Orange, Ultramarine Blue, and Viridian).  These three colors, when put into a wet wash, separates into some really beautiful colors you can get no other way (in my opinion), plus it's always a surprise what colors you get - more pinkist in some areas, more greenish in some areas, more violet or blue in other areas!  Depends on the amount of water and how little or how much you brush the pigment around in the water on the paper!

So background forward.  Weight down the paper as it dries to control ridges or buckling paper.  Then moving forward, using the same yellow and shadow violet.

A few places on the bicycle were masked over using Incredible White Mask before painting around them - just to keep those areas white paper when you go into them with pure color later.

Then Carol began painting parts of the bicycle - just parts, not the whole thing!  Parts just large enough that she can control the washes.  And then doing other parts - a bicycle works perfectly for painting in sections and stopping wherever it seems right and then going back to another part (like painting one petal of a flower, then painting another).

Color color is the goal!  Look that that shadow shape!!! WHEW!!!  The paint there is still very wet into wet water so it's still flowing and merging.  Using 3 different colors, she made 5 different colors, not getting dull or grey unless she wanted it that way.  Beautiful!

Seriously, you must take a Carol Carter workshop if you want to paint wet and juicy and amp up your colors (and, no, she is not paying me to say this! ha ha)

The workshop was just 3 days long, meeting from 10 am - 4 pm and we had people still painting 15 minutes before the final day ended = that tells you how much we wanted to soak up and learn and practice before we had to leave.  

How many times have you been in a workshop and had half the class leave after lunch on the last day?  Not this group!  They were dedicated, excited, and wanted to keep seeing those colors merge and bleed and blossom and glow!  I hope we all can remember and use some of the techniques we learned and incorporate them into our own style and palette choices to create something beautiful.

Thanks for following along.  Now...back to the art room and do something of my own.


Vandy said...

Rhonda, thank you so much for sharing your Carol Carter workshop with us. I saved up all your posts till the end of the workshop and devoured them in one glorious big read.

I can just tell hos much you loved these painting days and how much you've taken away. I've learned just from reading about them and Carol is now firmly on my list of workshop tutors I have to study under.

RH Carpenter said...

So glad you enjoyed reading about it. I didn't want to go into a lot of detail, but gave you the gist of the teaching and some photos - and then it's up to anyone who falls in love with her work to find a workshop nearby - she does one in France :)

CrimsonLeaves said...

What an awesome workshop, Rhonda! I love how this bike piece is coming along. I wonder if she will finish it?

RH Carpenter said...

I think it was almost finished when we ended the final day, Sherry, I just didn't have an unblurry photo of it. Looks like she's done this version, in various colors, several times - she had 2 finished versions to show us at the workshop and then she painted this new one. All three a bit different.

Marilyn Fuerstenberg said...

Everyone should attend a Carol Carter Workshop! She is an awesome teacher, artist and person. said...

Thank you Rhonda for your synopsis of each day of the workshop. Even though I didn't take it I feel like I learned something from your detailed descriptions.