Thursday, April 10, 2014


A few souvenirs I got from the workshop.  
Notecards, stickers, tattoos!!

The black and white napkin is just one brought in that has birds on it - so I had to bring one home :)

Carol sells notecards, tee shirts, books, and gives out tattoos (which says Good Girl Bad Girl) with her swimmer portrait on it, and little tie-tac pins; she sells books and smaller paintings so there is no reason not to take little bit of Carol Carter art home with you after a workshop!

This little book has her Small Intruder paintings inside - lots of deliciously pretty and fun insects!!

And, of course, all of her watercolor paintings call to me.  It was hard to choose, but I chose this one of shallots and carrots because it really shows on the painting what she showed us in the workshop - the flow of the colors, the bold, pure colors, the shapes, etc.

This one will be matted and framed and hung on my wall and loved every day.

But artists cannot live on painting alone! 

So I picked up a few yummies at the local Party Source store to keep me energized and happy.  Bourbon and chocolate - what more is there to say?

More to come from Day 3 of the workshop next - stay tuned!  Oh, now that I'm talking and thinking about it and reviewing the photos, I wish it had been a week long event (but at the time, my feet and legs from standing all day were telling me three days was plenty and time to sit for a day).


CrimsonLeaves said...

Loved seeing all the day two paintings and I love her celebration of color and how she lets the paint do the work. I like what you did, too, Rhonda. You have her method nailed down, methinks. Blotches Smotches.

Caroline Simmill said...

It has been so exciting to follow your course with Carol. What lovely paintings and your gifts are gorgeous. Great to hear you are having such a wonderful time.

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Sherry and Caroline :) I am so pleased with my Carol Carter painting and will have to get it matted and framed soon. said...

How cool that you get souvenirs from the workshop. What a great idea.

RH Carpenter said...

I love to get something and was lucky to be able to have one of Carol's paintings (often the workshop instructor sells the demos but she didn't do that - but she had smaller sized finished paintings on offer reasonably priced!) And I love notecards - I told a lady at my hair salon yesterday that I hoard cards because I choose good ones that are artist cards and then don't want to part with them!