Sunday, October 27, 2013


I'm on my 3rd day of a 3-day workshop taught by Ohio artist, Fran Mangino.  I come home exhausted mentally and don't want to do anything - but we had homework the first evening :(  I am not used to painting and standing (I can't paint while sitting right over the painting on the table) for 6 hours straight and my body is telling me that.  

The subject is portraits and I need help (and more dedicated practice time) with that subject!  So...I'll let you know how it went after I've recovered from 3 solid days of painting and learning.


Katherine Thomas said...

I admire the way you explore new things and push yourself to accomplish new techniques. Hope it was a good 3rd day, and you come home full of inspiration!

Vandy said...

Well done for doing a portrait workshop. As you know, I can relate to having problems in the portrait painting department. Very brave of you and I look forward to seeing your portraits appearing on your blog soon.

CrimsonLeaves said...

6 straight hours would do me in too, Rhonda. Looking forward to seeing your efforts.

Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Rhonda,
Okay, sister, you've now realized that art ain't for sissies and it's time for you to begin a serious weight training and endurance routine. :)
Oops! I mistakenly thought you said workout, not "workshop".
Never mind.

RH Carpenter said...

Well, I may be pushing myself, Katherine, just hoping for something to finally click in my stubborn head!! ha ha

Vandy, yes, portraits scare so many people (me, too), but if we don't try to learn, how are we going to get better? I was hoping for a magic word or two that would make it all click - but it's all about the time spent doing the hard work and practice, in the end.

Sherry, I was exhausted and bone tired the first evening; tired but not horrible the next evening; and was able to stay up and watch t.v. after dinner the third evening - so I guess my body was getting used to standing for 6 hours each day - although my legs and feet were pretty swollen.

Gary, I have to laugh at your comment about exercise because I've finally decided I won't change my body on my own so I've signed up for Pilates instruction - one on one for 4 sessions beginning tomorrow; and then I'll decide to continue with one-on-one sessions or go into a small class. I'm hoping I can get into the habit of working my body and not just working my mouth around chocolate or pie all the time! ha ha