Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Barbara Sailor is driving down from the Dayton, OH area tomorrow morning to give the Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society a program and talk!  I have "known" Barb for years from various online groups we've joined, and it will be a thrill to meet her in person.  I know, from her blog and the work I have seen her do in all media, that it will be a great program.  Take a look at her blog to see some of her fantastic work!

So - if you're in the area - stop by 10-12 Wednesday at the Cincinnati Art Club, 1021 Parkside Place, (Mt. Adams) Cincinnati, OH.  Barb will be doing negative painting techniques with watercolor and fluid acrylic.  She's also agreed to do the critiques of work brought in that day - I hope people take advantage of that!

Maybe it will push me into being inspired to do something.  I am in a painting rut right now.  I'm sure it will pass but I don't feel any creative vibrations running through me right now at all.  


CrimsonLeaves said...

Sounds like fun and hopefully you will be inspired.

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Rhonda - I have visited Barb's blog - her work is great and I am sure you are in for a real treat. Isn't it fun to meet fellow artists? Hope you have a wonderful day.

Katherine Thomas said...

I hope it went well! Why is Barb's name so familiar to me? Has she exhibited in the Cincinnati area before?

RH Carpenter said...

It was a good program, Sherry.

Debbie, I knew it would be a treat and it was!

Katherine, Barb is on my sidebar and her blog is very popular but I don't think she's been down here before - I could be wrong. She's in northern OH north of Dayton.