Monday, June 17, 2013


I set up the skull to draw on my toned paper sketchbook.  And worked a bit, stopped, worked a bit, stopped - you get the idea.  Over a couple of days, I was still struggling with this one.  It wasn't right.  Why? The skull on the table was turned, with the rear being farther away from me.  

But I was trying to draw it as if it was straight on, even on both edges to my sightline.  I know this is something we do when we first start to draw and I see it a lot in portraits where the head it turned but the person has drawn or painted it as if it was facing straight on.  Why do we do this?  Anyway, back to the drawing board (or sketchbook) and decided if I was going to draw it straight on, I might as well place it that way.  So moved it a bit on the table and began again.

This time, there are other issues.  Like the size of the skull on the paper - too small!  I do tend to make things much smaller than my paper space allows. more time with feeling and I hope the third time is the charm :)

And this is just another reason why I need those video lessons I'm doing.  I have graduated from squares and rectangles and am not on shapes - just the outer shapes - of peaches, cucumbers, watermelons, apple cores, etc.

How is your art work coming along this week?  Good, bad, indifferent?  

I sat the show for the Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society exhibit at The Barn yesterday from 1 pm to 4 pm.  I was glad I took my mother and invited my sister and cousin over.  Other than family (7 of us!), only 3 ladies stopped in to see the show.  I knew it would be slow, due to Father's Day, so wasn't surprised.  But today, for some reason, I am sooo tired!  Maybe because I ate horrible stuff and had a horrible routine of eating yesterday = 1 piece of raisin toast for breakfast before I left to pick up my mother; then nothing else except a small cup of coffee until 4:30 pm and then I stopped and ate at Wendy's, having a single and a frosty!!!  Shot all the calories for the day on that - no wonder people gain weight when they eat out all the time.  So I'm blaming my horrible diet yesterday with how draggy I feel today.  


Rose Welty said...

I think the stops and starts actually help my drawing. I'm working on a portrait commission at the moment and have had moments when I thought all was lost, usually after sitting with it for too long. It goes much better when I pop in on it for 30 minutes or so. It's amazing how much our diet effects how we feel, isn't it?

Irina Rekhviashvili said...

Your portraits are great!
The scull looks to be so difficult subject for drawing.
My artwork these days is 50/50. I want to paint so much but can do only quick sketching with limited colors.

hw (hallie) farber said...

Teaching, video lessons, drawing, painting, photography, and sitting at shows--you are busy. I could not have made that long stretch between meals. I have the same problems with size; either the object is too small or it runs off the page.

Sherry Schmidt said...

Happy to have found you! The skull project looks challenging but you'll have fun with it I know.

Laura Moore said...

Hi Rhonda. I'm catching up with your so called not so busy art life. Looks as though you've been up to loads to me. Love your determination with your portraits. Great work by your students too. Exhibitions: yes I have no idea how people cope with them all either. I find them so tiring and like buses... they come all at once. Anyway keep enjoying your lovely arty life. Oh yes, nearly forgot... Carol Carter too... Wow you lucky thing. :-)

CrimsonLeaves said...

Oh but I do love raisin toast!

I think your drawings look pretty good, Rhonda. I know what you mean about not drawing what you see though. I tend to do that too, often because I have an image in my head that is different from what I am seeing.

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and for your comment, Rose :)

Thanks, Irina :) You are too kind. Yes, it's often hard to get time - or to make time - for our art.

Hallie, I'm usually not busy at all - it comes in spurts, though!

Thanks for stopping by and for commenting, Sherry :)

Laura, thanks so much. I have the time (most of the time), but must push myself because I lack determination! ha ha

Sherry, the raisin toast is the Ezekiel bread kind - perhaps a bit hard but I'm used to it and often just have it or use it as bread in a peanut butter sandwich :)


you've got a wonderful skull to work on rhonda . brilliant exercise for portrait work... hope you don't feel so tried today

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Jane. I hope to have something finished soon.