Saturday, April 20, 2013


What a day yesterday was - so cold and windy I needed my winter coat!  It switches daily from 80F to 50F but windy enough that it feels like 40F!  

The morning began with the internet not connecting - had to call Cincinnati Bell which has their "help" all in the Philippines.  After speaking to a woman who talked so quietly I had a hard time hearing her, I was told I needed to get a new modem.  Cincinnati Bell is updating their network - whenever any service is updating anything, the customers have problems.  The local Cincinnati Bell store was hopping - and many people were hopping mad! 

 Anyway, drove to the local store, changed out the old modem for a shiny new one, made sure all the cables were in the box before leaving (this is not my first rodeo!), drove home and Jerry and I drove to meet Jenny (Jerry's oldest daughter) - it was her birthday!!! so we took a present and a card and shared those over lunch.  After an hour, we drove home.

And I spent some time figuring out how to get all the new stuff hooked up.  It looked so simple, even had a slide show with plenty of information - words and pictures for those of us noncomputer folks who need all the help we can get.  Got through the first steps - piece of cake!  Then, wait, that light is supposed to be solid green - but it's not.  It's solid RED.  Not good.  Called the store.  They said call the service people (apparently all the store does is sell you phones and exchange broken things for new ones).  

So another call to Cincinnati Bell - which is really calling the Philippines.

Another call, another service person, this time a man who talked loudly and seemed to get my jokes (the woman this morning did not).  He had to do several things on his end and finally got me up and running.  YAY!!!  Only took about 15 extra minutes.  He did ask me if I was aware that Cincinnati Bell is doing updates and maintenance in my area.  I said, "Yes, I know.  That's why the service was out yesterday." 

So...I have had so many things going on this week that I haven't had painting time, but I did get my new Homee/Alvin palette from Cheap Joe's.  It's the 24-well version, blue (of course), and seals well for travel - same as my old one which recently gave up the ghost (meaning one of the latches broke off).  I just popped the old, filled wells into the new palette and will use the new wells and mixing area for extra.  Cool!  Love the palette - just the right size to fit into my travel bag and it doesn't leak.  And Cheap Joe was having a special where shipping was only $2.95 compared to the usual $8.95.

So life has some bumps along the way, but is, for the most part, pretty darned good.  Now, if I could figure out how to shoot out my neighbor's security light they keep on all night long, every night, I'd be a happy camper!  But that's another story...

Hope you have a great weekend.  Stay safe, wherever you are.


Kev's Art said...

I've just come across your blog and have enjoyed it very much. Your "workshop struggles" post is something I can level with but I like your final piece of work. The progress is easy to see. Keep slapping it on!!!

renate said...

Hi Rhonda:) At least you have no boring life!:)Lovely post, gave me a big smile:) Thanks!xx

Lorraine Brown said...

Computer issues are never quick to solve as you would think they have heard of every problem but you always get the feeling you are the first and they have no idea how to figure it out. Meanwhile when you could be painting you are stuck on the phone. Glad you got it sorted in the end

RH Carpenter said...

Kev, it's obvious from my short visit to your blog that you are not afraid of landscapes! Beautiful stuff!

Thanks, Renate - glad I made you smile!

Lorraine, computer gremlins can get my blood boiling - and this is what my sister does for a living (I would run out into the street in front of a bus within a week if I had to deal with computer problems all day every day!)