Monday, June 25, 2012


I worked on this little Indigo Bunting painting - another small (eighth sheet) painting.  Right now, it's definitely at the ugly stage!  Sometimes it's hard not to give up on something like this - but I know with just a little bit more TLC, it will be fine.  Just need to do a rhinoplasty on that beak that got too big (how did THAT happen?), and then soften those feathers so he doesn't look pasted on the background (that's what happens when you do the background first and then paint in the subject). 

I finished the little landscape painting (that was a lesson for my beginners) by just getting out my sponges and dabbing the color on and then spritzing and splattering a bit. 

Sweetie's sister is coming for a visit so won't have much painting time this week.  But hope you all have a great week and a fantastic weekend.  We're moving into July with lots of hot, hazy, humid days.  But that's summer!


Christiane Kingsley said...

I know that your little bunting will look super after the surgery:-) I really like the landscape.
Enjoy the presence of your house guest!

Debbie Nolan said...

Looking forward to your finished indigo bunting - aren't they the loveliest birds? Your landscape is really dreamy. Have fun this week.

RH Carpenter said...

Yes, Christiane, he needs a bit of work - not too much but just enough to merge him into the painting and make his beak not quite so big! ha ha A bit of housecleaning to do tomorrow to prepare and then just fun and visiting.

Debbie, this is the first year I've seen one - saw a bluebird, too, and since I love the blues, I enjoy seeing new blue birds. Of course, we have a family of 5 bluejays that are funny, watching the babies trying to get fed when they know how to feed themselves - but they keep hoping! ha ha Thanks for your comments.

jgr said...

Beautiful bird-beak and all! I love those trees, too!
Have a great week with your company.

Sadami said...

Hi, Rhonda,
Take it easy and please be kind to yourself. Each work is precious and nice!
Best wishes, Sadami

CrimsonLeaves said...

I think both pieces are fabulous, Rhonda. Don't see a problem with the bird at all.

Pam Johnson Brickell said...

Ah, the stage of opportunity :) Bunting will fledge nicely under your care :) Have a great visit!!

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks so much for your kind comments, Jane, Sadami, Sherry and Pam. Hope I can make it look a bit better in the next stage - whenever that will be!