Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Just across the road from the GRC, there is this beach.  White sand, beautiful turquoise waters.  This boat is always moored there.  This is where I went when I was left alone each day while the others looked for the cave.

If you walk northwards on this beach, you reach the busted dock and North Point (if you are willing and can climb up the hill overlooking the area).

When I was there last (in 2007), the dock was not broken down like this.  When something breaks on San Sal, it is almost impossible to get parts or manpower or materials to fix it, or it is too expensive to try to ship things in.

This made a nice site for snorkeling, though.  The day we snorkeled around North Point and around the dock, we saw a little green sea turtle, a small yellow stingray and tons of blue tangs, french grunts, bluehead wrasses, and other beautiful little fishes.

Here is a view of the new buildings on the north end of the beach.  You can see the GRC white block buildings far away just right of the middle of the photo.  These new buildings were not here the last time I was here; I think they were set up and freshly painted for the Independence Day celebrations (July 10th) and there was even a swingset for the kids.

A railroad vine (like a morning glory) growing along the rocks toward a lookout tower (long abandoned but one used by the US Navy as a lookout post). 

In case you can't read the sign it says
San Salvador Cyber Center.  The arrow is pointing towards a vacant lot - or maybe it's under that tree?

This is in Cockburn Town (the main town on San Sal that consists of a few homes, a good "convenience" store on the main highway, a smaller store that was almost empty of goods - waiting for the boat to come in with supplies; and a drugstore).  A lot of the homes were abandoned as was the Children's Care Center (used to be a daycare center with a playground).  You want to pack your meds, your bug spray, your sunscreen, your aloe and your...well, just pack everything you think you might need while you're there!  Because if you forget something important, you might as well sit under that tree and wait for the Cyber Center to be built around you.


Lisa Le Quelenec said...

I've been catching up and drooling over these gorgeous pictures. There must be weeks of inspiration worth. The blues greens and turquoises... beautiful sands... snorkling....just wow!

RH Carpenter said...

Lisa, there are a lot of white sandy beaches to paint - if I can paint them :) And the snorkeling was the best - parrot fish, blue tangs, french grunts, blue-headed wrasses, even saw a flying gurnard or gunnard, a green sea turtle and some stingrays and eels - my favorites are the parrot fish and the trunk fish (little boxy things in beautiful patterns) and puffers of all kinds. I've been away long enough to start remembering the good stuff about the trip now :)

Ann Buckner said...

Welcome home, Rhonda. Love seeing all the photos and reading about your trip. Hope you are rested and ready to paint.

CrimsonLeaves said...

Sure a stunning beach though, Rhonda!

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Ann. It is good to be home. I think it will take me a week to catch up, though!

Sherry, it is beautiful on the beach and in the water :)

Pam Johnson Brickell said...

Yum, this is more like it! Can't wait so see what images will appear in you upcoming paintings :)

RH Carpenter said...

Yes, Pam, this is more what people think of when they think Bahamas :)