Sunday, September 25, 2011


It's Sunday - and I have some new followers that have shown up on my sidebar so it's time to highlight those who have blogs.  Don't you love learning about new blogs?

1.  Cindi's blog is called One Part Water, Three Parts Color.  She was a blogger whose work I followed several months back - and then she disappeared on us!  But she's back blogging now so go over and give her incentive to keep sharing and posting :)  You'll like what she's doing with her group, PaintingFriends, who have monthly challenges.

2.  Anamaria's blog, Simplesmente Anamaria, is another Spanish language blog (o.k., I've got to work on my Spanish!), and she paints in a very ethereal way - I'm not sure how else to describe it but go over and take a look for yourself - the colors are luminous and glowing = muy bonita!!  She says she still views the world through the eyes of a child and that may be a good thing to do.

3.  Floriana Quaini, an Italian blogger, has some lovely and interesting paintings on her blog you may want to see.  She does great figures and movement and crowd scenes and local scenes of interest and...well, just go over and visit Italy through her eyes!

And although they don't seem to have blogs or websites, I want to say hello to several new followers:  Diana, Sherry and bsherman!  Hi, and thanks for wanting to follow my blog!

The Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society show at the Evergreen Retirement Center opens today from noon - 4 pm so I will be there some time today to see the show.



Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Thanks for bringing these new bloggers to our attention - always good to see what other people are creating.

Sadami said...

Thank you for the info! You're always caring for us. I do not know how I could appreciate your posts.

Cindi said...

thanks so much for the plug..:). time did get away from me, hopefully i can keep together a bit better this time..LOL

i love looking at others blogs and their thoughts on paintings.. it so inspiring.. so many talented folks sharing their knowledge, so freely to everyone...

thanks too, for all you do!!!


RH Carpenter said...

Enjoy the new bloggers, Joan and Sadami - you never know who you may meet online that becomes someone you really enjoy following and watching :) Cindi, don't feel pressured to perform but just do what you can when you can :)