Sunday, September 18, 2011


I now have 150 followers, according to the counter on the sidebar!  YAY!  It's fun to know there are people who read your words and look at your paintings.  I know there are a lot of choices out there and I'm glad you all have chosen me - I sound like a car commercial, don't I? ha ha

I'm highlighting 2 newest followers today who have blogs:

1.  Irina Sztukowski lives and works on California.  She paints in water media and creates everything from notebooks and cards to gallery-wrapped canvases that are covered with her wonderful artwork.  She also teaches.  Her artwork covers the gamut of subjects and is a joy to see.  Pop on over and visit her blog and enjoy her work.  Really beautiful stuff awaits you!

2.  Sadeu is another Spanish blogger and artist.  (I must get back to my Spanish lessons so I don't have to rely on bad translation packages to read the words!).  When you go over to check out his work, if the top banner painting doesn't capture you and want you to see more, then there is something wrong with your eyes!  Beautiful work and so many lovely sketches of people on the beach using just black, white and a touch of "body-color" that makes them all come alive off the page!  This man knows his stuff and I'll be going back to see more - hope you will, too. 

And remember when I was saying, when my follower counter hit 150, that person would get a small painting?  Well, I'm at 150 now.  And that person who is number 150 is DPSC Bose!  Since there is no blog or website information listed for DPSC Bose, if you are watching and/or reading, DPSC Bose, please email me (my email can be found under my personal information at the top of my sidebar) and we'll make plans to send you something in the mail). 

If I don't hear from DPSC Bose in a week, number 149 (Sadeu) and number 151 (the next person to join) will get paintings instead :)  I'll let you know who gets a painting and what he/she chooses.

3.  Just got a new follower, I see, so will go ahead and add him here.  The blog, called Fotobirding en el rio Besos, is all about birds, and is a joint effort of Alicia Tarragon and Paco Torres.  The blog contains photos of birds, some spectacular birds; and then drawings of birds done so delicately and beautifully.  I am so glad I scrolled down this morning and just happened to see that my counter was at 151 instead of 150 :)  Do visit if you like birds - or if you just like good sketches of birds.  I will return to read more (after translating it from the Spanish).  Hola, Alicia and Paco!  Thanks for being a follower - perhaps it was my fascination with crows that brought you over?


Cindi said...

thanks for sharing some others works. its so fun to see different artist and they handle things.. bogs can be so informative.thanks for sharing!

RH Carpenter said...

Cindi, Cindi, Cindi, where have you been? So glad to see you pop on the sidebar and know you're back in bloggerland with us! Will be watching and envying your workshop with Ted Nuttall (you have to share everything you can about that experience). Welcome back :)

AutumnLeaves said...

Fabulous, Rhonda! I'm pretty certain it is unlikely I'll hit 150 followers. In fact, I think most of my 118 don't really follow me at all! LOL But I sure love blogging.

RH Carpenter said...

I know what you mean, Autumn - not sure the 150+ actually read my things but may pop in once in a while :)

Sadami said...

Your blog always heartwarms me. You're so caring for bloggers. One day, we, readers have to set a day for you! Take care and enjoy painting.

RH Carpenter said...

Sadami, I'm glad I can make you smile as your work always makes me smile :)