Friday, September 23, 2011


Sometimes you make friends online through the art blogs and sites and they remain friends for years, even though you've never met in person.  That's what happened with me, Teresa, and three other artists who created our own yahoo group in order to explore watercolor more.  We would do projects and lessons and share information about technique and colors and everything else in our lives.  Two of those friends have lost touch but there are still three of us who communciate and send things once in a while to each other.

I'm calling this my care package from Spain.  Teresa sent me all these little goodies and this gorgeous painting of a crow - look at that beautiful background that reminds me of snowy days to come - brrrr!  I love this and am putting it up on the chest in my bedroom right now to look at it when I dress in the morning and to remind me that there are lots of crow-angels in my life that I may not see but only hear as they pass by - but they are still there and thinking of me once in a while :) 

And just what is on this goodie table?
1.  Inchies from Crescent Board - little bits of crescent board you paint/create on to create little inch squared artworks - I'll have to try it and maybe it will get added into a collage or a journal entry sometime.

2.  Gold leaf!!!  Lots of it - in silvery green, gold, silver, and patterned in a flower pattern that would have made Van Gogh jealous (I may not be able to use that one, it's too beautiful!!).

3.  Little boxes that held chocolate and now are just empy holders of things - small tubes of paint, bits of charcoal, pencil, etc. - but are so pretty they will have to be used just to show them off.

4.  Some fairy stickers - such cute little things that look like they might be worrisome fairies - not your average pretty little things but fun just the same :)

5.  A container of pure lapis lazuli paint!!!  Oh, my!

6.  And this gorgeous painting on 300# hot press paper (it always feels so good, this paper, I may have to get some one day).  I love this crow and love all of Teresa's work - you can see her blog on my sidebar or click here to go and see what a creative, talented woman she is.

How is that for a surprise care package all the way from Madrid??

Muchas gracias, Teresa! 

Es un verdadero placer contar con usted como un amiga.
(Y me comprometo a volver a mis estudios de español pronto.)


Cindi said...

wow what wonderful care package!!..aren't online friends wonderful.. i was lucky enough to meet this beautiful, caring gal online and then in person at our painting friends art splash in fla, this summer.. her first trip to the usa.. she is as sweet as can be and i loved sharing our walks on the beach, talks and giggles.. we are all so lucky, to have her be a part our lives..isn't sharing art wonderful!!

hw (hallie) farber said...

That's a great care package! Beautiful cros.

AutumnLeaves said...

What wonderful friends you have, Rhonda! I can imagine your excitement and I share it with you!

Ann Buckner said...

Wonderful surprise from a sweetie of a friend.

Teresa Palomar Lois said...

Glad it finally arrived! Hope you get some fun playing with the stuff, sure you'll find a better use for that lapis than me, can't wait to see how you use it! [[[huuuug]]]

RH Carpenter said...

Cindi, you were lucky to meet Teresa in person!!!

Hallie, yes, a great care package from far away :)

Autumn, I need to figure out what to do with all the goodies soon.

Ann, thanks :) You knew Teresa was coming to the US?? I'm going to have to get over being mad at both of you for a while for keeping this secret from me!

Teresa, I'll try to use several things in one creation and share when I get something going. Thanks again, so much, for all the goodies.