Saturday, September 3, 2011


Remember the lady I met when Sweetie and I went to the Western and Southern tennis matches at Mason, OH in August?  Her blog alter ego, Naieva Bookist, is a fun person to get to know (even if you aren't a tennis fan). 

You've got to see the post she did on the 24th (most recent).  I'm in it and so is the Flashbag I ordered that had Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson's painting of ravens on it.  Go see her post  - you'll be rewarded at the end of the post, I promise :)

Hi, Eva!  Hope you're enjoying the U.S. Open!!!


Carol Blackburn said...

Hey Rhonda, you look good sporting your wonderful new bag. I'm finding tennis more and more interesting now. I guess I'll have to take a second look, and third, and fourth....:) Enjoy your weekend!

hw (hallie) farber said...

I agree--you look good. Another blog for me to follow; interesting. (I need one of those phones.)

jgr said...

Hi Rhonda, I enjoyed your post so much, I followed the link to Eva's and I must say those photos are great -- I may have to start watching tennis . . . 'caliente' yeah baybee! Happy weekend to you. Your bag is very cool, too.

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Carol - that bag is definitely a conversation starter! And tennis is such fun to watch, even if you can't play (which I don't think I can do anymore).

Hallie, thanks! I thought that phone was so funny!!

Jane, I think Eva's blog will be a fun one to follow :) Yeah, I think barechested tennis should definitely be the next stage of t.v. tennis matches! ha ha

Carol King said...


RH Carpenter said...

Hi, Carol, glad you liked the post and Eva's post on meeting me :) There are so many fun people in the world!