Wednesday, December 17, 2014


I took myself to Urgent Care yesterday morning (after cancelling class) because I thought I had developed pneumonia.  The doctor there said my lungs didn't sound like pneumonia, but I could have early pneumonia or bronchitis.  Fun!  Sharp pains and unable to breathe some strong meds to kick this thing. 

So until I'm better, I'll share a few more photos of the trip.  Enjoy, especially if you are somewhere cold and dreary with snow on the way.

White ibis on the beach right outside the house we rented for a week.  At one point, I looked out and there were 13 of them walking on the deck!  Fun - but a bit big to start feeding and have coming around begging for food every day :)

Just north of us was The Rod and Reel pier.  Lots of fisherfolk catching things off the pier and lots of birds hanging around, waiting for scraps from the extra bait or fish scraps from the cleaning tables.  This fine fellow was patient and willing to pose for a photos.  There is something prehistoric about pelicans, especially when they are flying overhead.

This big guy, a great blue heron, hung out at the Rod and Reel, too.  He was a bit more skittish, though, and didn't let you get too close.  It was fun watching the egrets walking around amongst the fisherpeople like they belonged and weren't the least bit afraid.  Seems the staff at the Rod and Reel (which has a restaurant and bar) feed scraps and bits to the egrets and they have gotten pretty tame and used to people.

I'll photograph the two small paintings I did and share them next.  Hope you all are having a good week so far.  

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


This last trip to Anna Maria Island would have been perfect the first week, if I hadn't come down with a cold the first evening we were there!  Making the best of it and toughing it out with lots of cold meds, we still walked the beach, watched the herons, egrets, ibises, sandpipers and pelicans and even had a snowy egret come to the house (on the beach on the bayside) to try to get us to feed him (obviously previous visitors had done that because he was very persistent!).

First photo is of the north point of the island, called Bean Point.  A cloudy day gave way to a cool, windy evening and we were the only two brave souls on the beach for a while.

And here's Elvis (yes, we named him).  He was persistent and brave enough to come right up to the door to beg for handouts!  

From the beach side, looking towards our beach house with two snowies sitting on our deck chairs.  They were very used to people being around but you couldn't get too close or they'd saunter off (just a slow saunter away from you because they wanted you to know they weren't afraid of you, they just didn't feel like having a closer encounter.)

This guy, a great blue heron, came to our beach house each morning and evening, just walking the beach, searching for something good to eat in the water and sand.  He was in a little area near the City Pier in this photo - and was so still, even when we got close, I thought it was a trick - not a real bird.  He finally got tired of us and moved slowly slowly away.  Perhaps he was meditating and we disturbed him?

We even drove up to Weeki Wachee Springs to see the real mermaid show - and it was worth the 2-hour drive.  Their space is huge so they can do some real acrobatics in the water and put on a nice show.

This photo shows some pretty mermaid 
and some old woman who is wishing she was 20 years younger!

Every morning at 10 am, I went to The Olive Oil Outpost on Pine Street where Kelly, the owner, made me a cafe con leche that was rich, creamy, and delicious!  Started my day (I would have gone earlier but they didn't open until 10 am.)  My last day there I asked for two!

That last day all the merchants in Anna Maria held a Christmas open house from 5:30 - 8:30 pm, having their shops open and serving delicious goodies for free.  Kelly made a hot pasta dish and a mushroom polenta and a cold mixed salad.  Her shop is small so it's a bit of a line to work your way to the back of the shop to get some hot food, but it was worth it.  YUM!  

Leaving Florida and back to Kentucky.  
The clouds above northern Kentucky before we landed.  Prettier from up above than they were on the ground.

Now time to get back to work with class today and maybe some painting for me this week.

Monday, December 15, 2014


Well, I had planned to take time off from things to work on the large drawing project.  I did get a little bit more done on the 2nd drawing of the entire piece.

So instead of working on the 2nd-5th bits, I picked up a rotten cold that lasted 2 weeks - in fact, it's still here causing some coughing fits at night, going on 3 weeks!  
So the best laid plans...

We did get away - a little escape - to Florida.  A 2-week escape walking the beach and watching shorebirds.  My cold made that a little less fun but it was still 30 degrees warmer there than here at home.  And I did get some photos - of course!  

So photos to share later...

Hope you have been having a very good, very healthy, very happy two weeks I've been "gone" from the blog!!  

Come back later and see some vacation snaps and a few little paintings I managed to do in my Stillman & Birn watercolor journal :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


When they brought her home, I thought she was the prettiest baby I'd ever seen.  She was a premie do didn't get to come home until she was out of the woods and okay.  As she grew and got older and had that Gerber baby look about her with tawny hair and a cute face, I knew she was the prettiest baby I'd ever seen.

Can't find a photo of her that isn't too small not to be blurry so this will have to do.  (An old Polaroid photo taken from a family album.  A time when everyone's washing was hung out to dry on the line in their back yard and when people always had subjects squinting into the sun with their own shadows showing in the photo.)

Happy Birthday, Li'l Sister!!

Friday, December 5, 2014


"We need to pay exquisite attention to our responses to things -- noticing what makes our flame glow brighter. If we pay attention to those things, we'll be able to catch the flame and feed it."
 ----- Nina Simons -----

What starts the fires burning in you?  Drawing, painting, oil, watercolor, printmaking, sculpture, playing an instrument, knitting, crochet, weaving, crafting something, baking a pie from scratch?  Whatever it is, keep those embers burning!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I have a project I've been working on in graphite and charcoal.  It's a big undertaking - and complicated (what was I thinking).  Using Scanning Electron Microscope photos of a certain brittle star called Ophiocomella sexradiata (from research Sweetie has been doing), I'm working slowly and carefully on a full sheet of drawing paper.  I intend to do five intricate, detailed drawings (4 in graphite and charcoal and the center in color of the brittle star photographed).  

I'm not sure I'll have the determination or energy to finish it for a deadline this month, but I'm going to work on it in spite of that.  What is unusual for me:  I am enjoying the slowness and the time spent on it like little bits of meditative drawing (I can hear Deb Ward saying, "Did I just hear Rhonda say THAT???")  
What is more unusual for me:  I am not painting - no color except a touch in my sketchbook of the birds.  Going for black and white right now for some reason.  Maybe it's because of winter coming...

So...I'm going to be taking five (or more).  
I'll be away from the blog for a while but will return soon to catch up.  Even if I don't post here for a while, I'll still stop by and check on your blogs :)  See you in a few weeks...

Monday, December 1, 2014


Inexorable Deities

Edgar Lee Masters1868 - 1950

Inexorable revealers,
Give me strength to endure
The gifts of the Muses,

Daughters of Memory.
When the sky is blue as Minerva’s eyes
Let me stand unshaken;
When the sea sings to the rising sun
Let me be unafraid;

When the meadow lark falls like a meteor
Through the light of afternoon,
An unloosened fountain of rapture,
Keep my heart from spilling
Its vital power;
When at the dawn
The dim souls of crocuses hear the calls
Of waking birds,

Give me to live but master the loveliness.
Keep my eyes unharmed from splendors
Unveiled by you,
And my ears at peace
Filled no less with the music
Of Passion and Pain, growth and change.

Lately, words mean a lot to me.  They can make me stop in my tracks to read them again and again, soaking up the sounds and meaning.  I've always loved words and collected words (even if I do not use them).  Happy December!

Saturday, November 29, 2014


Some of you still have snow on the ground.  (Some of you have A LOT of snow on the ground!)  Some of you live where there is never a hint of snow.

Our snow has melted with warmer temperatures and rain washing it away. 

Here's a couple of photos of Papa Red before and after the ~4 inches of snow we did have this month...

Thursday, November 27, 2014



I hope you get time with family and friends, and have many things for which you are truly thankful.

I am grateful to all of my blogger/artist friends.  Thank you
for taking time out of your busy lives to stop by
and comment on this little effort of mine.