Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Just a few more photos I've resized and wanted to share before I get to work again.  Of course, I still have all those Christmas present books to read, I may be lazy for a while before going back to the paints...

"She's back."  
"Yes, I see that."  
"Ignore her and maybe she'll go away."  
"What is her fascination with us, anyway?"
"She wants to draw us?  What does that mean?"
"Shhh.  Don't look at her.  I'm sure she'll get bored soon and walk away."

The storms brought up some interesting things on the beach, like this horseshoe crab.  I had never seen one on the beach before.  

I had never seen surfers on Bean Point, either, but there were about two dozen of them, all young, lean and fierce in that icy cold water.

The house we rented (named Casa Violetta) was beautifully landscaped with lots of interesting plants blooming and growing around the little pool (which was WAY too cold to do more than dip a toe in to test the water = brrrrr!!"

Don't know what this plant is or what the berries are.  The green things behind is how it begins, then grows out into the red berries and then those shrivel and die off.  But haven't a clue what it is. 
I liked those red berries enough to pull a bit off for a possible photo set-up and painting later, though.

Possible painting?

Back to the beach one day when it warmed up and the wind died down.  A man was busily carving this dolphin out of the sandy beach = pretty.


Barbra Joan said...

Rhonda, the pictures made me homesick, but I'm returning to Florida next week after eight months in TN. Can't wait. The berries look like the ones that my Queen Anne Palm tree made . And same thing, green then red , then turns into a big brown seed .. some of them will make a new tree. Hope you have lots of inspiration to paint.

Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Rhonda,
What! Cold in Florida!! Impossible!!! It apparently didn't hurt the plants any, which is nice. You and Jerry might want to fly a bit further south next time, say...Puerto Rico maybe. Or, if you're feeling really adventurous...a long, long way west! :)
Thanks for sharing the great photos, and I especially enjoyed the dialogue between those two super-intelligent birds!
Enjoy your weekend reading those books.

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Barbara - Queen Anne Palm. I did come home with some inspiration but haven't done anything yet - today, maybe? I did sort out some things and put things away in my little art room but nothing on paper yet.

Yes, COLD in Florida, Gary, can you imagine??!!! I bet you never get cold there in wonderful Hawaii :) Glad you enjoyed the conversation they had - I shouldn't have listened in (rude of me), but couldn't help it! ha ha Yes, the warmth and sun and rainbows of Hawaii may be calling next winter but I just hate the thought of that long long long airplane trip (getting where I abhor flying and can't picture myself sitting in a plane for more than 2-3 hours, tops). Can't you move Hawaii a little closer? ha ha

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

you do have to wonder sometimes what animals are thinking when we spend so much time taking their photos lol :)

RH Carpenter said...

Yes, Jennifer Rose, I wonder and anthropomorphize a lot of animals so I imagine I'm giving them characters they don't have at all!