Sunday, January 3, 2016


Using the faux encaustic techniques demoed in the latest Acrylic Artist magazine, I created something.  

I wasn't too crazy about it.  

So...went out to Michael's and picked up what acrylic mediums they had - found this nice little set that had everything I wanted (and then some).  

The piece ended like this before I got more supplies.

I sanded down the top part (which was fiber paste, not what the demo called for). 

Then I gave serious thought to the colors.  They just didn't work for me - and didn't even work together.  So I made some changes to that, both in the top and bottom portions.

I like it enough now to give it a title:

Landscape/Seascape No. 1: Lake Thingvallavatn in Autumn


Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Rhonda - I really like this piece. I had read the article you mentioned in your post. Acrylics seem so versatile and a real go to medium. May just have to invest in some of those same supplies. Have a super week.

Sadami said...

Thank u for sharing the precious and important information and demo. I like your Landscape/Seascape No. 1: Lake Thingvallavatn in Autumn! It looks fresh and colourful. Cheers, Sadami

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

always wanted to try encaustics, but can't :/ but might have to try this :)

looks more like an encaustic piece now that you have used the right mediums :)

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Debbie, Sadami and Jennifer Rose. It looks even better in person due to the textured look of it :) It just goes to show, Jennifer Rose, that using the correct supplies is a good thing! ha ha I think I might try another...