Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Using the book, Pigments of Your Imagination (see last post), I went through a few descriptions and tried my hand at different papers.

The alcohol inks don't smell strong but the smell does linger so make sure you air out the room a bit while working or after...

Tried a test color on:

Arches hot press - soaked right into the paper like a blotter = no good

Tyvek "paper" = also soaked right into the paper like a blotter = no good

Then tried putting the inks down on TerraSkin directly and on a styrofoam plate and "printing" the image onto the TerraSkin (just made a blob - a pretty blob but still just a blob).

Putting it on TerraSkin directly, it smooshed and softened a lot.

More experiments to far, nothing special for me in this medium so maybe just a toy to add to something sometime...


Sadami said...

Hi, Rhonda, it looks wonderful and beautiful. Look forward to your other posts. Cheers, Sadami

RH Carpenter said...

Still playing and deciding if I like this medium or not, Sadami :) Have a great day!