Friday, July 3, 2015


Here is something.  Just playing with the idea of waves (afterall, I have all that paper painted in blues!!), using those papers on a piece of paper I'd previously painted in muted colors and whites.

And here is another one, more seriously begun.  

This one begins with acrylic and collage papers on Arches hotpress 140# paper.  Unlike the previous acrylic and collage on canvas, this one began with my thinking I wanted to do a seascape instead of a landscape.

The next step is to push back all that collage stuff on the horizon line...

Reinforcing the idea of the seascape...

Now need to add some line work with...hmmm...maybe watercolor crayons or oil pastels?  Anyway...needs more oomph at the horizon and a darker sea?

These things do make one think more about composition, value, line, color, etc...but I'm not sure I'm successful yet - more practice to come.


Bruce Sherman said...

Good morning Rhonda!... Play ... always leads to discovery... which becomes the basis of sound processes... new directions and vistas... and unlimited JOY!!!!

Play hard ... and work hard! I love your collage in the more serious vein!

Good Painting and Playing!
Warmest regards,

PS Thank you ever so much for your encouraging words for our family and Allison!

Tinna Sjoeberg said...

I love the first one because
of it's great colour :))
And the second one I like in
both ways, I'm really curious
what you're going to do with it :))

Have a wonderful weekend and
a happy 4th!

Tinna ✐

Sadami said...

Hi, Rhonda, all are beautiful! I like the second one most. It reminds me of a "world map." Cheers, Sadami

E.M. Corsa said...

Loving these Rhonda, especially the third one!

Happy Independence Day!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

really like the last one, looks like a storm at sea :D

RH Carpenter said...

Thank you all, Sadami, Tinna, Bruce, Elizabeth and Jennifer Rose!! Happy 4th of July here - going to be watching for the fireworks tonight. We no long have kitties, who used to be scared so badly during the whole neighborhood thing with noise and light. Now I'm ready for it - but also ready for it to end after 11 or 12 :) Getting old!! ha ha

These are all the steps throughout - the first is the one Sadami calls a World Map (which I didn't see until you said that!), and the second is the finished piece after the middle collage pieces have been pushed back and changed...I did have the idea of the seascape for this one before starting and that helps me stay on track.

Katherine Thomas said...

I really admire how you experiment and discover new ways to create your art. You are always growing and developing your skills, and the results are always gorgeous. That third piece is stunning, the way it is!

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Katherine. I'm glad you see it this way because sometimes I wonder what I'm doing! ha ha But it is all learning, even if I continue to be a watercolor woman :)