Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Gluing text onto paper with acrylic matte medium (don't use the gloss medium because you can't get rid of the shine), then painting over that to tone everything down.  

These will be cut or torn and used later.

Getting ready to use the papers (tear or cut them into interesting shapes and colors).  Using an old flat brush to work the glue (acrylic matte medium) I pour out into a plastic bowl.  Have some hotpress watercolor (Arches) 140# paper to use as a substrate.  Will paint a background on that, first.  Then glue the collage pieces.  Looks like a seascape coming up...


Tinna Sjoeberg said...

Hi Rhonda, long time no see :)

Love your header picture, it's great!
And I like you showing how you do collage
pictures. Can't wait for the seascape to
show up :))

Have a wonderful day
Tinna ✐

CrimsonLeaves said...

What a busy girl you've been, Rhonda! Creativity is flying at your place. Love the blues of your papers and that flag is fabulous!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

that is a gorgeous blue, def. reminds me of the waves in the sea :)

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Tinna. Good to see you back after a short break!!

Sherry, I often just get in a frenzy of creating things and then it wanes and I get back to normal! ha ha Perhaps it's the hot days that cause me to retreat to my little art room downstairs (which is 10 degrees cooler than upstairs!!).

Jennifer, thanks, stay tuned for the waves!!