Monday, August 11, 2014


We drove over to a Cincinnati suburb for the family birthday bash/brunch.  My task was making the fruit salad and I might have gone overboard a bit!  It was most appreciated, along with the breakfast casserole, coffee cakes and cupcakes for the birthday celebration.

The beautiful flowers were provided for the table by Ginny to brighten the day for A.A., who's suffering with back problems major enough to require a visit to the Cincinnati Spine Institute.

 And the birthday girls and boys:  four of them celebrating for July and August.  It was a spur-of-the-moment photo and, of course, Jerry's camera was in the bag in the other room so I quickly got it, turned it on and snapped a couple of photos - while everyone was breaking up!!  Oh, well...

After the get-together, home again, relaxing until we had to change into something different and drive to Aurora, Indiana for the Southeastern Indiana Artist Guild show.  We got there about 15 minutes before the award ceremony, so got to walk around and see all the paintings.  There were 57 paintings in the show, varying from Watercolor, Water Media, Mixed Media, Acrylic, Oil, to PastelCharcoal, Colored Pencil, and Photography. In order to encourage kids in art, they even had a special section for childrens' art and they received awards, too.  

My painting, The Littlest Bird Sings the Prettiest Song, was mistitled on the handout and on the title card next to the painting.  I figured it would be.  Guess I should have just called it The Littlest Bird because that would have made more sense than what they had:  The Littlest Bird Sings the Song.  Oh, well...

I did win an award - which I think is what an Honorable Mention would be in any other show but the SIAG has odd-named awards like Memorial Award and Award of Distinction in xxx, etc.  Anyway, I won Award of Distinction in Watercolor and got a nice check, too.

They had announced all of the awards in Watercolor and Water Media (or so I thought), and I was just about ready to leave when they said my name, so it was a surprise for me.  I am glad I got an award, because I think it is a good painting and different enough to show artistic thought.  Sweetie said, "Your painting could be seen well across the room because of the values and color."

Thanks, SIAG!!  I think Sweetie is planning to compete in the Photography section next year :) 

And after seeing the photos of myself, I really really really need to lose ten pounds and do something with my hair!!!  I did have on my lucky Carol Carter scarf, though, and I think that made all the difference! ha ha  I was carrying my Ravens tote from Flashbags. com, too :)  It was made from a painted collage by Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson of Florida.  They made it special for me because they didn't have a run of these - and they are very reasonable in price and I've gotten a lot of compliments (and looks) when I carry it.

Sunday, as part of the grandgirls' birthday presents, we drove them up to Monroe, Ohio to the North Face Outlet for some back-to-school things.  Spent a long long time in that store, only to find nothing so began the long walk into each possible store without luck.  I was getting discouraged when we were told about a Columbia store in the same outdoor mall - went there and both girls picked jackets almost immediately.  YAY!   Success!  And because the Columbia fleece jackets were less than 1/2 what the North Face jackets were, they were allowed to get a few extra things - mostly tops to wear layered from Aeropostale (a store where I could not have fitted into anything).  

Diet begins Monday!


debwardart said...

You are too funny - you CAN take photos of your food!!! Congrats on the award and $$$ - always a pleasant surprise.

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Rhonda - so happy you won - you certainly deserve it too. You look great my friend - and I think your hair style is just right for you too. Glad you found some bargains on your shopping trip as well. All and all sounds like a great week-end.

Vandy said...

Well done on getting your award. What a wonderful accolade. It's a lovely painting so no surprise really, but it's always fabulous to have the acknowledgement.

Sadami said...

Happy Busy Rhonda, Tons of Congrats!!!!!
Cheers, Sadami

Lorraine Brown said...

so much going on and a prize too, congratulations Rhonda it is a sweet bird painting

RH Carpenter said...

Deb, I have to admit, Sweetie took that photo just before we left for the gathering! ha ha I just found out on the SIAG Facebook page that I actually got 2nd place in watercolor! ha ha Wish they'd use regular 1st, 2nd, 3rd titles other than Memorial Award and Award of First Award of Distinction (which is what I got, apparently).
Thanks, Debbie! You are too kind about my look and style (I really don't have one unless tee shirts and jeans is a style??)
Vandy, thanks so much, it is nice to get something to bring home.
Thanks so much, Sadami and Lorraine!

Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Rhonda,
Wow! Congratulations!! Money, as well as, a ribbon!!! How do I enter the next show? It was well-deserved and Jerry was right about the across-the-room power.
Just between you and me, you look great. I've never seen such a beautiful smile on your lovely face. No migraine remnants in these photos.
Revel in your fame and glory and keep it going, Rhonda.

CrimsonLeaves said...

I think you look wonderful and I LOVE the tote! Congratulations on your award, Rhonda. It is indeed well-deserved. The fruit salad looks fabulous! said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your award. That's wonderful. The fruit salad is making me salivate and I loved the family photos and the photos of you...who looks fab with her scarf and bag (and check)!

RH Carpenter said...

Gary, Carol and Sherry, you are too kind! This old lady is feeling and looking her age in many ways. Not sure I want to be a senior citizen! ha ha