Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Once I got in the habit of leaving my sketchbook and watercolor kit out on the kitchen counter of the house we rented on vacation, it was easy to make a habit of painting something every morning before going out, especially when the weather turned a bit iffy with colder temps and windy days the last 2 full days on AMI.  It definitely wasn't as much fun to walk the beach with wind whipping around you and when it's too cold for just a hoodie.  And then there was the rain.  Of course, back home they were having below 0F temps and more snow so I was not complaining but still feeling pretty lucky to have a week away - plus I had time to paint!

Nothing special about this one.  Pears are always a go-to when I have nothing else to inspire me.  This little one was modelled by a little pear we bought at Publix.  Never saw one so small and it was sweet when we ate it (after its modelling session). 

I have to tell you, I wish I had gotten this sketchbook out sooner.  It has such a lovely surface that it's a pleasure to use it and I'll take it on trips again (I have another fresh one in the wings when I go through this one).


Katherine Harra said...

I finally have some travel in my future, and, wouldn't you know it, forgot to order a new sketchbook in my most recent Cheap Joe's order. So now I get to try one of these - thanks for the posts, Rhonda.
I love the pear, and it makes me hungry for the crisp little "seckle pears" I used to find.

debwardart said...

Pears are always fun - and they make me think of people! When in Florida, the beach is beautiful any weather! I used to love it just before a storm - the wind kicked up, the sand cut across my legs, the clouds scudded along, the waves increased - it was very invigorating! But - probably not very good weather for sketching!

CrimsonLeaves said...

A lovely little painting, Rhonda. I love the colors in the shadow and in the pear.

RH Carpenter said...

Katherine, I don't think CheapJoes has these, either! I ordered mine from Dick Blick, I'm pretty sure. Do a Google search and you'll find out which art supply stores have them. Well worth it!!

Deb, yep, pears are like people but they are all pear-shaped people! ha ha

Sherry, thanks so much :)

After posting my previous post about the Stillman & Birn sketchbooks, I got a very nice email from them saying thanks for talking about them - now wasn't that nice?