Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Finally, the Australian Open tennis matches have begun!!  Can you believe it's going to be 104-108 each day??? Those poor players are going to melt.

Although my head tells me Roger doesn't have another in him, I'd still love to see him win one more major.

This may cut into my painting time  - but I'm not staying up until 3 am watching the previous day's games; thank goodness Tennis Channel replays them all the next afternoon!

My watercolor class came back to the house today - first time since the first part of December and it feels like it's been forever!


Lorraine Brown said...

I remember from last year you were a tennis fan. Good luck with you man but I think you may be not backing a winner, same here our Aussies are not right up there at the moment. Fingers crossed though

Sadami said...

Yey, tennis lover, Rhonda! Indeed, very hot. Apart from tennis, a beach is the right place to stay! Bush fires are our headaches. Enjoy watercolour class!!
Best wishes, Sadami

RH Carpenter said...

As they've said on the tennis talk, "It's a right stinker!" when talking about the heat! GOSH!!!! Yeah, I know my dear Roger is probably past his prime and won't admit it to himself. I guess it's hard to ever fall below number 5 when you were number 1 for so long. I hope he continues to play as long as he's fit, though. Right now Slammin' Sammy Stosur is looking fit and very good - hope she can keep going up the draw.

I do enjoy watching the tennis - wish I wasn't too old to play anymore - haven't played in 20 years!! Stay at the beach, in the water, hydrated and try to stay cool in that heatwave!