Wednesday, September 18, 2013



Photo by Jerry H. Carpenter

(This is an albino peacock.  There were 2 of them when we visited the Fountain of Youth in St. Augustine, FL this spring.)


Studio at the Farm said...

Beautiful, Rhonda! I do like the shadows on the white body - very striking.

Katherine Thomas said...

This would be fun... the one word game... I love this photo. I think the word that came to my mind first was "repose". But pale is perfect!

Kevin Neal said...

Very interesting

RH Carpenter said...

Kathryn, I think that's what struck me about the photo = the shadows! In fact, I find myself drawn more and more to shadows in photos, paintings, drawings.

Yep, a pretty pale peacock - 3 words, Katherine! ha ha

Kevin, I liked your idea in your email that an albino peacock is like a deaf musician - something missing there when a peacock is all about the color!!