Sunday, September 22, 2013


Saturday Sweetie and I drove up to Bethesda North to pick up our works that didn't sell.  It was nice bringing them back home - like old friends come back to visit :)  They were very organized for the pick-up, too.  

Then we stopped at the Dollar Store for some gumballs.  I'm addicted.  Not good for my teeth, I imagine :(  And 2 doors down from The Dollar Store was an adoptive pet event.  It was hosted by the SAAP (Stray Animal Adoption Program).  They had doggies outside and kitties inside.  We looked around, petted a few dogs and then walked in to see the cats.  Sweetie got the idea of photographing them and donating the photographs to the group to put online!  And we were off and running.  They gave us a room in the back away from the hustle and bustle and I was the cat wrangler for the day while Sweetie was the professional photographer.    Here are just a few of the kitties that posed for us (some more reluctantly than others! ha ha):

Yes, I fell in love with this little girl named CleoKatra.  She was a lovely little 2-month old and I can't understand why she hasn't been adopted yet.  The good thing is, all of these animals are taken from strays found around interstates and major highways or behind dumpsters looking for food, or from kill shelters - and they are kept in foster homes until they are adopted.  And the SAAP has these events every weekend in various neighborhoods.  They said they would we at this location near us every Saturday and Sunday for a while.  

A pair of black and whites, Callie and Cassie, were more of a handful, but still fun to work with and try to get good photos.  Cassie didn't like to be held as much as Callie - I'm sure they are sisters as they are both 4 months old.

Callie says, I likes Halloween candy!! ha ha

Cassie says, Are kitties supposed to eat Tootsie Pops??  Maybe they are!!

(No candy was given to the kitties - it would be bad for them.)  But they made good props.

And this one, named Werther for the caramel candy - how could you not love this big lovey?

After she settled into the routine and realized she was safe with us, she came up with some wonderful poses.

And then there was Eddie! ha ha  Um, a reluctant poser, to say the least, I had to hold him in place more of the time and when I held him (which he did not like), he generated so much heat, I was almost sweating!!  

Cat wrangling is hard work!

If you are interested in adopting one of their kitties or doggies, check out their webpage and see all the pretty things that could become part of your family.  Or maybe you'd like to volunteer to be a foster mom or dad for an animal waiting for a new home?  

Sorry, dog lovers, but the lady in charge of the event said cats are harder to place and that she needed photos of them instead of the doggies.  In fact, 3 of the doggies were adopted that day!


hw (hallie) farber said...

Ahh--CleoKatra Carpenter! I think it's meant to be. What a nice thing to do--beautiful photos.

CrimsonLeaves said...

Cats are so much less work than dogs too. Always surprises me that they are harder to adopt out.

Kevin Neal said...

My wife Lecia fosters dogs now. A great thing, but now we have 3 running around the house all the time.

Debbie Nolan said...

Rhonda - If I would have been with you I would have brought them all home. Of course hubby would have told me we all were homeless (LOL)- seriously how could anyone resist when they see these great photos. Thanks for sharing. Have a beautiful fall day

debwardart said...

And here I thought this was a post about a new cat for you and Jerry! This is a great idea, and I'm sure they appreciate all the two of you did for them. Good thing I wasn't there, or I'd have been sorely tempted to adopt 2 or 3 - but Stray would have been mad at me then!

RH Carpenter said...

Hallie, you're right!!! I was sooo tempted by CleoKatra. Sweetie talked me out of it. And then I woke up Sunday morning with a horrid sinus/allergy reaction to all the kitties and their fur! I am allergic to cats but take shots for it - but that many fuzzy ones in a few hours was a bit much for my system. I may have to check next weekend to see if CleoKatra has been adopted. She was such a lovey.

Sherry, I was told by the person in charge tharge that dog people are more spontaneous and cat people take their time and think things through - hence the quick turnaround on dogs and the kitties still there after a few hours, even though several people had to hold them and ask about them.

Kevin, I don't think 3 dogs would work for me! ha ha Of course, I'm not sure 3 cats wouldn't be too much. But fostering them is such a great thing!!

Debbie, I just fell in love with one kitty and really liked one little shy quiet dog with a rough coat.

Deb, I wish!!! Oh, yes, Stray would be too jealous of a cat so you'd have to get 2 to keep him from bullying them :)

Studio at the Farm said...

SO you have a new career as a cat wrangler!!! Good for you, Rhonda. Did you bring CleoKatra home with you? She's a beauty!

RH Carpenter said...

Kathryn, I didn't bring CleoKatra home but wanted to. I was talked out of it and reminded that I'm allergic to cats and would have to get new allergy serum, etc. :( But I can get a job as a cat wrangler any time now! ha ha

Anonymous said...

Rhonda, What a great post, and nice idea about photos for the cause. If I were there, I would take them all home. Both our kitties came from the cat shelter, one as a kitten, the other 8 years old and abandoned by previous owners.

RH Carpenter said...

Hi, Maggie! Good to hear from you :) I really would have brought CleoKatra home with me but was discouraged from that effort by Sweetie. Oh, well, another time, another kitten - I know we'll get another some day. It would put more pressure on the decision to take one if it was at a shelter and not being fostered in a home and not in danger. said...

Oh, oh, oh, look at those beautiful kitties. I wish I could have one. Husband is allergic. You and Sweetie did one great job wrangling and photographing all those furry felines.