Sunday, February 12, 2012


Three more new blogs to check out from artists who have recently signed on to follow my blog:

Share the Art!!

1.  Studio at the Farm is the name of Kathryn Ragan's blog.  There, you will find beautiful paintings, photos of dogs and horses, old houses, and everything else that catches her eye and attention.  It's well worth a visit so go over there and spend some time today - that's not an order but just a strong suggestion :)

2.  Manisha's Art is from blogger Manisha Vedpathak who is currently living in Ghana, Africa and painting some of her surroundings.  She works in acrylic and oil and has a bright, bold color palette that warms the page. 

3.  Jerry, an artist living in Surrey, England, has The Great Outdoors blog, documenting his love of the birds, trees, moss, and all things outdoors.  He is a harp maker (!) and a very good photographer, and he paints as well!  He and his family love to wander in the woods and get out in nature as often as possible.  Take a day trip (or longer) with them by spending some time at this visually amazing blog!

So here's 3 new blogs for you to visit - I hope you have a wonderful time spending time with these 3 very different and talented people.

Have a wonderful Sunday - be safe and warm, wherever you are today.


Manisha said...

Hi Rhonda,thanks for sharing my blog with your viewers.
It is very heartwarming ! I am visiting the other blogs which have been mentioned in your Sunday' sharing posts.
It's a treat to view other's works.Thanks to you!

RH Carpenter said...

You're very welcome, Manisha. I always enjoy learning about new blogs and artists and hope to share more sites with others :)

Jerry said...

Rhonda, I find your blog very inspiring; you have so many interesting ideas and put them into practice with a lot of style and skill! Thanks for such an amazing write-up - not sure if I can live up to that! Just looked at the other two blogs you featured. I like the way Kathryn puts up pictures of her work as it has progressed, in fact she's inspired me to do the same. Manisha's blog is truly a vibrant delight; I'll definitely be looking in at these blogs regularly.

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks so much, Jerry. I'm always pleased when someone notices I've featured their blog on Sunday Sharing :) Glad I introduced you to some new ones, too :) Happy Painting!