Thursday, October 20, 2011


Finished this one.  

Crow Knows a Toxic Heart When He Sees One
Half sheet (15" x 22") 140# coldpress watercolor paper.

In order to work on the textured background after painting in the crow and gloved hands holding the heart, I put a ring of liquid friskit around the edges of the crow and hands and then went crazy playing with texturizing - all still watercolor and splatters and spray water drops and things and miskit splattered and removed, too.  Fun - but then I had to go back and retouch up the edges of the gloves and crow when I pulled the miskit off because it pulled up a bit of the color there.  

It worked fine to just touch up a bit.  

Another one finished and one on the drawing board.


Barb Sailor said...

Very interesting painting Rhonda- I always enjoy your "crow" paintings. (I always think of you when I see a crow! :) ) Your title - toxic heart - is also interesting. I couldn't help but think of the spider bite which I have had on my big toe this fall, and the fact that my dog, who likes to lick my toes, would not get near my big toe with the toxic spider bite! Smart dog!

conservativelybohemian said...

Love this composition, Rhonda. I am not only seeing Poe's "Nevermore!" but also the "Telltale Heart."

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Barb. I think our animals are pretty smart when it comes to avoiding bad things :) Hope your spider bite heals quickly. And congrats again on your recent award!!

Sherry, I never even thought of this Poe story! ha ha Thanks for telling me there is a connection - I guess my mind was somewhere else when I painted it and didn't think about Poe :)