Sunday, August 28, 2011


For those of you who regularly check my blog, you know that I often highlight/focus on those bloggers who have joined my blog to follow me.  I usually wait until I have 3 new people who have joined, but I'm almost at 150 followers right now and it looks like many do not have blogs.  It doesn't seem fair to those who have joined up recently who have blogs to have to wait so...

I'm going to showcase 2 bloggers this Sunday.

One = Carol Holt.
Now, I've "known" Carol (a.k.a., Dabs) for years because we've been in the same online groups off and on and our names keep popping up with each other in groups online.  She has already lived 5 lives so she must be part feline :)  I started watching her work when she was living in Alaska and sharing her photos and paintings.  She has moved many times since and now, she and her hubby are long-distance truckers!!  So one of her blogs, which can be found here, is called Postcards from the Road.  Check it out and see her photos of the places they travel and her journaling and painting.  You'll enjoy it and you can travel around vicariously through her!

Two =  Judy ?
I didn't find a last name for her, but Judy lives in the Netherlands (pretty cool place) and creates lovely watercolors.  Her blog is called De Draad Aquarellen (that's The Thread Watercolours in English).  Why that title?  Judy art has always been the common thread throughout her life.  Do visit her work, you won't be sorry to spend some time there seeing what she's working on - right now, it's apples.

I hope you enjoy visiting both of these artists' blogs!

Now, I'll have to come up with something special for follower #150, won't I?  Perhaps a give-away of a small painting? 

(When I wrote this, I had 149 followers but one follower dropped out - sorry to see you go.  Maybe that means numbers 149 and 150 will get a surprise!!)


Judy said...

What a surprise to see my name and blog! Thanks for mentioning me! Love, Judy.

Carol King said...

Thanks Rhonda! I like your sharing suggestions.

Sadami said...

I know you're a living angel among bloggers. Sure, the introduced artists are so happy.
But please look after yourself, too. I like your new banner and avatar.
Kind regards,Sadami

Dabs said...

Thank you Rhonda, what a lovely surprise this morning went I went to read your blog! I am glad I "found" your blog again.... I have lost track of some of my favorites. I enjoy your posts each day!

AutumnLeaves said...

Now I have to go visit Judy; I already follow Carol!

RH Carpenter said...

Judy, glad I gave you a nice surprise today!

Carol, glad you enjoyed these 2 featured bloggers :)

Sadami, no angel here! ha ha And still very much riding the migraine cycle so back to the chiropractor today for me :(

So glad you saw it, Dabs!!! Hope you make lots of new friends because of my sending them your way - and I'll be checking what you're up to, also!

Autumn, hope you enjoy both blogs :)