Monday, July 4, 2011


Well, Sunday got away from me, due to the long July 4th weekend here in the states.  So here is Sunday Sharing, where I share the blogs of some of my newest viewers.  And I'm only a day late (and a dollar short, as my grandmother used to say)...

1.  Beads2Yarn is the name of one of my latest viewers.  She lives in California and does covers the gamut of art.  At her blog, you'll find watercolor, journalling, fabric dying, and beading.  Take a look - she even has a post on testing her new Inktense watersoluble pencils so lots of informative things here.

2.  I think a lot of us know that little angel, Sadami Konchi of Sadami's Graffitti.  Sadami is a fabulous artist, going out and sketching the people and places around her - which happen to be pretty darned good inspiration since she lives in Sydney, Australia!  She does children's book illustrations as well as courtroom sketches; and she readily shares her techniques for staying loose.  Plus, whenever you're feeling a bit down, just go over there for a few minutes and you'll leave feeling so much better.  She has such a positive attitude and outlook on life and all it brings, that you know she is a very special person - plus she's a great artist!

3. Autumn Leaves, from Illinois, calls her blog Of Mice and Men and Cabbages and Kings.  I'm not sure what her real name is but she says she dances to a different drummer, so maybe her name IS Autumn Leaves :)  Anyway, go to her blog and see her artwork (especially that lovely paintings of roses on the first post).  Oh, and the title of her blog?  Well, the "Of Mice and Men" comes from a John Steinbeck novel of the same name; and "Cabbages and Kings" comes from Lewis Carroll in Through the Looking Glass:

'The time has come', the Walrus said,
'To talk of many things:
Of shoes - and ships - and sealing wax -
Of cabbages - and Kings - '

I hope you visit each of these blogs and, perhaps, discover a new favorite or two :)


Sadami said...

Wow,wow,wow~~~!!? Oh, Rhonda, special thank you. What a great honour your introducing me! But I'd like to say, we, all know Rhonda, you're the lovely lady and caring artist. Your blog is our inspiration, information scources and a positive chat cafe. Please keep up and take care!!
Best wishes,ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞSadami

L Young said...

Rhonda, how have you been? Thanks for posting your Sunday Sharing. I've been away from blogger for awhile and haven't had a chance to stay caught up. Your post reminded me to do just that. Keep in touch and Happy Independence Day!

(My birthday was yesterday and my Mother always calls me a firecracker; the day I was born it was 98 degrees in the hospital with no air conditioning!)

L Young said...

P.S. Sadami's link on your post didn't work.

AutumnLeaves said...

My my...thank you for mentioning me! LOL My name is Sherry but I always loved the name Autumn and knew of at least one girl with that name. And Autumn is my favorite season, and the leaves turn so beautifully in the season. Hence...

And the title? Because my blog is all over the place with whatever thoughts assail me on a day I'm writing! LOL Thank you for thinking of me and thank you for visiting me!

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Sadami :)

Glad you all enjoyed the Sunday Sharing links (Linda, I think I fixed Sadami's link :) Happy belated Birthday!!

Hi, Sherry/Autumn! Glad you enjoyed the sharing :)

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The post was nice by Revathi

RH Carpenter said...

Thank you, Revathi; glad you stopped by and enjoyed the Sunday Sharing :)