Sunday, July 3, 2011


This weekend is the last weekend the Ohio Watercolor travelling show will be at Picture This Gallery in Lebanon, Ohio.  

Sweetie and I took the hour long drive up there to view the show.  Here's a link to some of the winners:

It is the 2010 show (even though this is well into 2011 - think they are behind because the 2011 won't be announced until this fall, then travel next year). 

I didn't take any photos (the lighting was not the best so paintings were not lit well enough to really get a true sense of them, even when standing in front of them).  It seemed like, comparing the photos in the catalog to the actual painting, there was a lot of difference (not all of it lighting).  Buying the catalog helped me discover that several of the local Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society members got into the show (two were in the travelling show).  So congratulations to:

Carolyn Ross Hibbard - in the show
Mary Jane Noe
Jean Vance
Leonard Williams - in the show
Barbara Zentgraf

If you can't see it this weekend, drive up to Delaware, OH and see it at the Art Castle there after July 5th!  Or you can view the paintings in the current catalog at

Since they run behind with the travelling show, the 2011 entries are already declared (but won't be announced until September in Zanesville, OH).  If you want to enter a lot of shows, you really have to keep a list on your calendar of entry dates to keep track of everything and how early some shows want your work.

And here's a photo of the old Lebanon-Mason-Monroe train that makes an hour run  just for tourists on Fridays.  A lovely little depot and it might be fun to take a train ride sometime.  Lebanon, OH is a heaven for antiquers, with store after store filled with old things from furniture to glassware to quilts to West Point uniforms!  We did wander a bit but I'm just not wanting any more stuff to bring home so we weren't seriously looking.  We also had to have lunch in the famous Golden Lamb restaurant - the first inn in Ohio and now an inn and restaurant.  Unfortunately, both the Golden Turtle chocolate shop and the Cupcake Manna shop were closed :(

Sweetie playing on the train.


Carol Blackburn said...

Thanks for sharing your adventure. I guess "boys will be boys."

RH Carpenter said...

Yes, you're right about that - trains are a big draw for most big boys :)