Sunday, July 31, 2011


All of these little ones - 5 tiny frogs and several more tadpoles ready to morph into frogs - would fit in the palm of my hand and still have room for more!  Here's the latest pics (I tried to download a very short video taken with my camera but it did not work :(

These little ones are more golden than the first few that turned, but I imagine they will become more green as they grow older. 

I asked Sweetie how long tree frogs live and he said 2 years.  Just think, when we release them (23 in all), we will be working on the next generation of tree frogs in our neighborhood - and will be listening for them to sing their spring songs to us next year!

I'm glad everyone is enjoying the tadpole journey with us :)


Suzanne McDermott said...

This unfolding story is amazing! I've had a similar story line in my yard but the players are feline with black fur. Too many but (thank god) not as many as yours! My job is to prevent any future generations!

Carol Blackburn said...

I only wish I could hear them croaking? singing? whatever they do. What a great idea this was. My grandson is getting a kick out of seeing them mature.

Sadami said...

Oh, I feel like skethcing them! Maybe, for picture book characters?

RH Carpenter said...

Isn't it fun, Suzanne! There is something so cute and uplifting about them - looking at them and seeing them hopping around :) I do hope they ALL make it and start the next generation.

Carol, no noises from them at all - maybe not until they are older and of breeding age and then the males call for their mates. These little ones may have a year before that.

Sadami, feel free to sketch them if you choose - I can imagine (after responding to Carol's post) that they would sound like little tiny bells - each one striking a different note :) ha ha

debwardart said...

Only you (and Jerry) would name tadpoles! I have an image of you and Jerry hopping around the kitchen yourselves trying to gather the escapees! Too funny.

RH Carpenter said...

Deb, they have to have names - well, the first dozen, anyway! ha ha And, yes, they are hopping all over the place when we open their "homes" to put in food, clean water, etc. - crazy little things.