Thursday, June 23, 2011


Just when I thought I would not get any more crow paintings from my SWAP members, this beauty showed up at my door today.  Not crows - but Joyce Thompson painted it and it's a scene from Washington state (where she lives) - and it does have crows (or ravens) flying around :)

Thanks, Joyce!  If I ever get to your area of Washington, I will definitely look you up for some art talk :)

And that's not all!

This wonderful card came from Shirley Knollman (Chair of the recent GCWS Show and past President of the GCWS), thanking me for working with her on the show.  Isn't he (or she) adorable?  I love the design on this and the bright reddish orange against green colors that look so good together.

The show is over, the stressful part is over, and all the work is over - and it's now just a pleasant memory and a proud feeling knowing all the members put out their best work for the show. 

I hope we have another show there next year!


Suzanne McDermott said...

I love to see the ways that all you give returns to you. You're a shining example of a universal law. The boomerang queen!

debwardart said...

Love both the cards, especially the giraffe! Looks like lots of people luv ya!!! and appreciate your hard work.

RH Carpenter said...

Suzanne, you are too kind. I wish I was as nice as people think I am! ha ha

Deb, the top one isn't a card but a small painting so I can mat and frame it and hang it and wish I was there :) Shirley is a class act, that's for sure!! And this little giraffe is sooo cute, wobbling on those long legs.