Thursday, February 3, 2011


I'll leave it to all the other bloggers who are caught in the blizzard and winter storm conditions to post their own photos, but I couldn't help capturing this one from an article about the storm
AP Photo/Poughkeepsie Journal, Spencer Ainsley)
Poughkeepsie, NY - that says it all for many in the US right now.

I was watching the Chicago news channel last evening and saw the photos of the cars stuck and turned into snow sculptures by the blowing snow along Lakefront.  Frightening to think those people had to just leave their cars there - and wonder why one man left his truck windows open??  Of course, his truck was full of snow. 

The Chicago-Ohare Airport is up and running today.  Those people are tough!

I've got things to do that will keep me from drawing and painting for a day or so, but I'll be back soon.  Stay safe and warm, whether you're braving the cold and snow in the midwest and eastern US or whether you're in Queensland, Australia and battening down the hatches against the cyclone.


Dolores said...

Ha! I loved the photo. We here in Toronto were expecting snowmagedden but it never materialized. We did get snow but not an overwhelming amount.
As for the truck driver who left his window down, well what can one say. "It must have been a man."
I watched the news last night and there were some dumb people out in the buffeting Chicago wind trying to stay upright.

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Dolores, it made me laugh when I saw it :) I've heard snowmagedden, tsnownami, and others - people are creative when it comes to calling it something (printable). I can't imagine walking away from your vehicle with the windows down even if you were scared. There's always the hardy folks who get out on cross-country skis as soon as they can - hardy or fool-hardy, not sure.

Gretchen Bjornson ART said...

You stay warm too! Loved looking at your figure drawings in the previous post....reminds me of my honors art class in high school at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. I was representing McAuley High School, a Catholic school, and was a bit nieve at this time in my life. I was very surprised when our model walked in and dropped his robe in the middle of the room revealing his complete nakedness. Although I hid behind my easel for most of the class and drew everything BUT the "unmentionables", I definitely believe in the end I finished the class with a greater appreciation and understanding of figure drawing. I'd love to take another one and maybe not blush as much this time.

Cori Lynn Berg said...

OHHHHH how cute! See.. churchies can have a sense of humor too!

RH Carpenter said...

Gretchen, you had me smiling at the thought of you hiding behind your easel and drawing all but the unmentionables :) I had a few sessions and classes where a male model who, when on break, did not put on a robe or cover but walked around nude looking at your work and talking to you - now that was a bit difficult :)

Cori, it made me laugh - someone has a good sense of humor there :)

Carol King said...

Very funny photo! Thanks for the laugh. We all need it! The Chicago weather made our morning news. You're right when you say those people are tough.

RH Carpenter said...

Carol, I know New Yorkers are supposed to be tough but I think the folks in Chicago are even tougher - and did you see how quickly they cleared everything? Amazing. But it's too cold and windy and too much traffic there for me.