Thursday, December 16, 2010


Well, I continued to work on this one.  I continued, even though I wasn't liking where it was going and knowing that the bright red "underpainting" wasn't working and I was getting streaks of color and...

well, sometimes you just have to fight it out!! ha ha

At this stage, the painting won.  It was truly hideous.

So...what to do?  Take my handy spray bottle and spray the heck out of it, taking off as much paint as I could.

And then let it start to dry from the soaking.

So then what?  Well, there was no way to work in watercolors with it.  It was just too sad.... :(

So I got out a few bottles of Da Vinci fluid acrylics and my acrylic palette and brushes and tried again, going slowly and being careful to SEE the shapes.

It's still not a pretty box with a pretty bow.  But it's not as hideous as it was, so I guess that's something, yes?  No? 

Another 8" x 10" on Fabriano 140# hot press watercolor paper.

And on to the next one (which is turning out nicely, I'm happy to say).


Sue D said...

I actually think this is a great save and it made me think about doing something different before I totally give up on something

debwardart said...

Good save! And not giving up builds character!

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks Sue, I'm glad I inspired you to work on something - sometimes dogs just have to be tamed! ha ha

Deb, thanks, and you know I'm already a character, right? ha ha How's the snow out your way??? Are the cows up to their knees yet?